2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

2015 Holiday Gift Guide for kids



It’s that time of the year when we parents run out to buy gifts for our kids that they will play with for a couple of days and then quickly lose interest in. It’s a depressing reality in most cases so I decided to create a gift guide with some very cool items for the holidays that are fun, and hopefully will be a hit with both the parents and the child.

If you haven’t completed your holiday shopping yet, take a look at my guide to see if there’s something you haven’t thought of yet!



2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Tuck Shop Trading Co. Hat


I bought my first Tuck Shop Co. hat this year, and I’m so excited they come in kids size as well! Not only can you find American cities now, but also Canadian provinces, cities and neighbourhoods.




Holiday gift guide for kids

AKID Shoes


Everywhere my son wears his AKID shoes, people stop to tell me how cool they are. Even Kardinal Offishall gave them a nod of approval and a smile at a party a couple weeks ago! I love that most shoes lace up but also have a zipper so my son can take them off and put them on himself.





2015 Holiday gift guide for kids

Gnome Crayons



Who wouldn’t love crayons in the shape of gnomes? Even I want to colour with them!






BRIKA Mi Cielo Mr. T Toddler Shirt



Last week I was at the Brika Pop-Up at Yorkdale mall (review coming next week!), and I fell in love with this Mr. T shirt. It also comes in a onesie, and it’s such a conversation piece! Who doesn’t love Mr. T?





2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids


MimiTens Mittens



MimiTENS solve some cold weather problems all parents seem to encounter. Mittens never stay on, and it’s such a struggle when it’s freezing and you are trying to get mittens back onto your child’s freezing fingers. mimiTENS are thumbless mittens for babies (or they include a thumb spot for older children) and they include and extra long cuffs so they comfortably stay on. The line has become so successful more items are being offered such as booties, neck warmers and hats. All items are made in Canada, and there are some super stylish options to choose from.





2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Smile Led Lantern



The Smile Led Lantern is the perfect nightlight because it lets off a soft light, and it’s safe for a child to take it to bed without the parents worrying. I love that it looks like a lantern you would use camping.





2015 Holiday Gift guide for kids



2015 holiday gift guide for kids

Little Live Pets


Last week I reviewed and gave away a Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtle Tank, and later this week I will be reviewing and giving away a Little Live Pets Lil’ Mouse house! Both toys have been tested by my toddler and have been big hits!





2015 holiday gift guide for kids


2015 holiday gift guide for kids

Sago Mini Plush Gift Pack


I have written a few times about my son’s love of Sago Mini apps because they are pretty much the only thing he is interested in when he is on our iPad. He loves his plush Jinja the Cat so much he brought him on our vacation!


Sago mini


Included in the Sago Mini Plush Gift Pack are characters Jack, Jinja, Harvey and Robin. The packaging even turn into a house for the characters! Anyone who has children that have played these amazing apps before know that this gift would be a big hit with them.





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Chalktrail attaches onto a child’s bike or scooter to make a trail of chalk wherever they ride. What child wouldn’t love seeing the trail they would make on the road?




Good luck with all of your holiday shopping this year!



Mandy Furnis