Amopé Pedi Perfect Review for Chick Advisor!

Amope Pedi Perfect Review sparkleshinylove


If you follow me on the blog or on Instagram, you know I am a girl who loves the spa. I love to bounce around to different locations to indulge in a little pampering – especially pedicures.

When I can’t make it to the spa, I often do my own pedicures at home. I probably change my nail polish every other week, and I have a kit with all kinds of files, creams, lotions and pumice stones to do my own pedicure.

When Chick Advisor said they were sending me the Amopé Pedi Perfect Electric Foot File, I was obviously excited, but a little nervous too. How would this contraption work into my home pedicure routine? The idea of using something battery powered was a little intimidating, but I soon realized that this tool was exactly what I needed.

The Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File is an electric hard skin remover for the professional removal of hard and tough skin at home. It is battery operated, and the average price is $49.99.


Amope Pedi Perfect Review sparkleshinylove



Compared to using other foot files, the Amopé Pedi Perfect blows them all away. Who want’s to do manual labour on your feet when this device easily files my feet? It made them so soft in seconds! The instructions say to keep the device moving, and not to focus on one part of the foot for longer than 3 seconds. I followed the instructions precisely, and I found that in only a few seconds my feet were super soft. I was sure I couldn’t get them that soft if I had used a pumice stone.

It was much easier to operate than I anticipated. It’s very easy to turn on and off, and it just needed to be smooth across my feet in the areas I wanted to remove callouses and dry spots. It was very quick as well – I was done so quickly that I wasn’t sure how I lived without this device before!

One of my major pet peeves is having dry heels. They look horrible in sandals, so I am always trying smooth my heels before I go out. It is so much faster to use the Amopé Pedi Perfect just before heading out the door!

I am in love with this product. If you love to do home pedicures like I do, then you really need to get a hold of the Amopé Pedi Perfect. I had no idea I would love it this much!

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Disclaimer: Although I received this product for review, all opinions are fabulously my own.


Mandy Furnis