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When you have your first child, you are pretty much terrified of everything – especially sickness. I remember being so scared of a runny nose, and listening carefully with every cough or sneeze that came out of my son. The biggest thing I was worried about when he was sick was what to give him. I was scared of antibiotics, I and always reading labels to makes sure I was giving him the proper dosages or over the counter medicines for his age and weight.

One of the first things I every gave my son when he was teething was Boiron’s Camilia. I was very nervous to use anything because anytime I thought I had found the perfect thing to try, some mom at a play group or stroller fit class would say not to use whatever I suggested because they had heard all kinds of terrible things about it. A few mother’s had told me about Camilia and said great things, so I gave it a try.

It was a homeopathic medicine so I felt good about giving it to him, but would it work?

It actually did – I used it throughout the first year of his life on and off when he was teething. It really seemed to soothe his teething symptoms.

A couple weeks ago I attended a Boiron Canada event where I learned more about some of the products they have for not only children, but adults as well. We had a great yoga session, a healthy lunch, and learned all about how to life a healthier lifestyle.



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borion canada event sparkleshinylove



borion canada event sparkleshinylove


borion canada event sparkleshinylove



The product that stood out the most to me was Arnicare Gel which relieves muscle and joint pain, and eases resorption of bruises and inflammatory edema.


arnicare gel review sparkleshinylove



If you have a toddler, you know that they are forever bumping into everything – accidentally and occasionally with intent! – and they end up covered in bruises. We have an ice pack on standby for whenever the tumble is a little harder than usual, and our son is covered in bumps and scrapes.

I am no better – I play soccer and the harder I get knocked around, the more I say to myself that I am probably not going to be wearing a dress that week because the bruises will be so visible. Last week I was bruised so badly on the back of my leg that my son was really concerned about me so I had to put pants on because he was completely distracted by it!

I gave this product a try on myself first to see how it would work. I have to say I was pretty impressed with it. It’s so hard to tell if a bruise would be worse if I didn’t use it, but at least my bruises seemed to hurt a little less when I applied it. It’s a really soothing gel too so I can say that it absolutely eased the pain a little.

I started to let my son try it as well when he banged into tables or fell to the floor playing. First of all it helped to have something to offer him when he fell down and was hurt – it was a great distraction to say that I had something that would help! He was truly mesmerised by what I was doing so it would stop the tears for a moment or two. When I would rub the gel on he would always say that it was making him feel better, so it’s replaced the ice pack.



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Boiron has a full arsenal of products for infants to adults for all kinds of different symptoms and afflictions.

Would you like to try out some Boiron products for yourself? I am giving away an amazing prize pack courtesy of Boiron Canada to one lucky sparkleshinylove reader! It has everything you could want and need to have a healthy summer. Everything in the photo below is in the prize pack!


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