Review of the Dermalogica Skin Kit for Oily Skin

Review of Dermalogica Skin Kit



One major skin issue has always really plagued me, and I have forever been on the hunt for the perfect skincare product to solve it – I have oily skin.

I hate it when people ask what skin type I have. Doesn’t oily skin sound like a terrible answer? Well it’s my answer and I’d really like to switch skin types of that’s ok!

I had never used Dermalogica before, and the best place for me to start with this new brand was the Dermalogica Skin Kit – Oily

The kit included a Dermal Clay Cleanser (1.7 oz), Multi-Active Toner (1.7 oz), Oil Control Lotion (0.75 oz), Skin Prep Scrub (0.75 oz), Total Eye Care (0.1 oz), PreCleanse (sample), Skin Refining Masque (sample).






For best results I used the kit morning and night, and the kit had a full regimen of what I needed.

The Clay Cleanser was my favourite from the kit. It really felt like it woke my skin up! It had a minty fresh sent that made my skin tingle. It removed my eye makeup as well.

The Multi-Active Toner was AMAZING! The instructions said to close your eyes and spray it over your face, but I preferred to do it with a cotton ball, and it felt like it was soaking up all of the oil in my face.

The Skin Prep Scrub gently exfoliated my face, and made it nice and smooth. I really should exfoliate more often!

The Oil Control Lotion required very little for each application – the coverage was amazing! It did not make my face greasy or oily at all.

When it came to the Total Eye Care, again it seemed like a little went a long way. This kit is meant to last one month, and it’s a great way to try the whole regimen to see what works for you.



Review of Dermalogica Skin Kit



After using these products there was an immediate difference compared to other skincare products I have used because there was no sheen to my face. My face seemed completely clean and oil free instantly.

It was pretty shocking the difference this skincare line made to my oily skin. I saw results after my first application – I couldn’t believe it. It really improved my oily T-Zone.

I was also having a minor breakout when I started the Dermalogica Skin Kit, and it cleared it up in only a couple days. Huge bonus!

Do I sound like a big fan of the Dermalogica Skin Kit? I am – I had heard great things about Dermalogica, but after trying it I was amazed to find that the skincare line kept all of its promises.

The kit included one-time samples of the Dermalogica PreCleanse & Skin Refining Masque as well which I would like to purchase to see what their long-term benefits are. I really liked the way the Skin Refining Mask made my skin feel.

For more details on the Dermalogica Skin Kit – Oily, visit their website here!


Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own.


Mandy Furnis