Elle by RW&CO Dress Collection Launching November 1st


Elle by RW&CO



RW&CO. has partnered with ELLE to release a limited edition capsule collection on November 1st.  I’m excited because I am totally obsessed with dresses, and the whole collection is just that – dresses!

I am totally that girl who is overdressed for everything.  Anytime I’m wondering what to wear, I usually come up with the answer of a dress.  Birthday party?  Dress.  Road trip?  Dress.  Bowling?  Dress.  With cute socks for my bowling shoes to match.

There are 8 dresses in total for the collection, and unfortunately they are totally top secret right now except for one.

Only one image has been released which is a preview image for the collection with a great crocheted dress.

The collection promises to offer silhouettes that flatter all body types, and the fabrics will be ultra luxe and double layered to maintain their shape.

The price point will be between $149.90 to $169.00.

For more details, check out the RW&CO website here, and once the dresses are launched i’ll post them as well!




Photo courtesy of RW&CO.