Review of the Ellebox

Ellebox Review


Ellebox is a pretty fabulous concept. It’s a subscription service which gives you a box each month full of comfort and wellness goods, along with your choice of tampons and/or pads. That time of the month is never fun, but Ellebox makes things much more bearable!

A portion of the proceeds of these boxes support local women’s initiatives in Vancouver where Ellebox is based.

Ellebox was kind enough to send me a sample box, and I was so excited to see what was inside. I was not disappointed!



Ellebox review



You can choose a mix of tampons and pads, or just one type of product along with other preferences. You can choose a box with just the necessities like tampons and/or pads, or a more personalized comfort box with tea, chocolate, and other goodies. There are also brand options as well.






I am totally that girl who realizes the day of her period that I have seven empty tampon boxes but no tampons at 11pm at night on a Tuesday. This literally happens to me each month and I learn nothing each time it happens about better preparation for the next month!





I can’t tell you how much easier my time of the month was once my Ellebox arrived! I had an arsenal of supplies delivered to my door, along with chocolate, tea, a Serenity Now aromatherapy mist, and a body butter. Soon you can shop these samples on the Ellebox website as well.



Ellebox Review


Ellebox is one subscription that truly makes life a little easier since you can schedule your arrival of the box depending on when you need it each month.

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Mandy Furnis