Graham & Brown’s Wallpaper Week Featuring Glamour

Graham & Brown Wallpaper Week Glamour Trend


It’s officially Graham & Brown’s Wallpaper week, featuring blog posts from all of the Graham & Brown Ambassador’s each day.

When Graham & Brown asked me to choose one of the 7 Feelings of Wallpaper to profile on the blog, is it any surprise I choose Glamorous?

My day is not only fabulous on it’s own (who doesn’t love Saturday?), but I also got to profile one of the most fun themes.

When I think about glamour I think about decadence, style that’s over-the-top, luxury, and all things fabulous.

What encompasses the meaning of all of those words more than gold? Metallics in general tend to seem glamorous in interior design, but gold stands out as the height of decadence.


Graham & Brown Glamorous Trend


The Athena White Gold wallpaper has a simple, thin gold detail, but has the ability to make a room seem posh and delicate with it’s colour and pattern.

Graham & Brown Aurora Beige

Graham & Brown Aurora Beige


The Aurora Beige/Gold was another wallpaper that stood out to me. It’s bold pattern has the ability to make a room look rich and full. Both patterns are so lovely, I decided to stick with the over-the-top theme and choose both for my mood board!


Graham & Brown Grace Printed Canvas


Elizabeth Printed Canvas


The Grace Printed Canvas and the Elizabeth Printed Canvas have a very feminine and elegant feel to them, and I thought they matched the glam theme of the wallpapers I chose.

White is another glamorous colour because it’s so fresh and clean. Not many people can have their everyday furniture in shades of white because of everyday wear and tear, and those who do give off the impression with their decor that their taste is fresh and decadent.

Accessorizing with a white throw and candle give off a glamorous spa vibe, and finishing with a fun sequinned throw pillow again provides and escalated level of decor. A tall white and crystal lamp completes the look.

I had a lot of fun working with this theme! I hope my style has evoke some feelings of glamour for you!



Mandy Furnis