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ILY Couture Review sparkleshinylove



Online shopping is my jam. Shopping in general is obviously my jam, but I love ordering online. It’s so convenient to click a few times, and have something arrive at your door. Not to mention it doesn’t seem to harm my bank account if there is no debit machine in sight. Hubby, if your reading this, I’m just kidding. I swear.

I’ve trolled the Ily Couture Instagram for months now, and I decided to give them a try and order a few of my favourites from their online store.

This year they have launched some really cute pineapple t-shirts and tanks. I’m a lover of pineapples, so I was so excited to order one of their Pineapple Solo Racer Tank’s.

Shipping to Canada wasn’t very expensive, and my order arrived about a week and a half after placing it.

The fit was perfect, and I love this tank! It retails for $38.


ily couture pinapple tank sparkleshinylove



ILY Couture Review sparkleshinylove 2

ILY Couture Review sparkleshinylove



I had always wanted the Weekend – Eco Grey Sweatshirt, and finally it’s mine. This sweatshirt is soooo comfy! It looked like a small fit, and I wanted to wear it off the shoulder so I bought a large, and it fit perfectly. It retails for $58. The only drawback? I can only wear it on the weekend. Well, I think I should be able to wear it on days off from work too since technically a holiday can be a start to a weekend. I just really love the sweatshirt, so any excuse to wear it!

It was perfect for going out to brunch this weekend, and it was so cozy!


ILY Couture weekend sweatshirt sparkleshinylove


Weekend sweatshirt ily couture sparkleshinylove


weekend sweatshirt ily couture sparkleshinylove


I pretty much adore everything else from ILY Couture, so I will be shopping with them again in the future for sure! If you haven’t checked them out before, you have to see what they offer. Head over to www.ILYCOUTURE.com to see what I’m talking about!



Mandy Furnis