Update on My Interac 21 Day Credit-Free Challenge!

I previously told you all about the Interac 21 Day Credit-Free Challenge, and how I was taking the challenge myself to put the credit cards away and only use my InteracDebit card.

Apparently it only takes 21 days to change a habit, and I have been putting that statement to the test!

It’s felt really good to get this far in the challenge and only use my InteracDebit card. Why does it feel so good? I am only using the money I have to spend – there is no credit card bill that will haunt me in 30 days to remind me of my past purchases.

I really put myself to the test recently during the challenge I went on a small trip to Prince Edward County with my family. There was shopping, food and just general touristy activities that went outside of my daily spending routine. My habits while on vacation usually include swiping my credit card for this or that along the way because I just tend to spend more when I’m on a trip then I would in my daily life. It’s like I am taking a vacation from being responsible and buying whatever I feel like in the moment because I am “on vacation” I seem to tell myself.

For me, restaurants are often the spot I need to remember debit is the best way to go! Everywhere I went it was so easy to pay with debit instead of credit because everywhere I went had wireless debit machines that went straight to our table. Usually I think it’s so easy to swipe a credit card, but in this case it was just as easy (and better for my wallet) to use my InteracDebit card!


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For this trip I was determined to make sure I stayed within the challenge and only use my InteracDebit Card. You know what, it actually wasn’t that hard! Even in wine country where there we so many antique shops and rustic restaurants, InteracDebit was accepted everywhere I went! It was so funny to drive up to an antique-filled barn in the middle of nowhere and see them pull out an InteracDebit machine. I was sure there wouldn’t be one in sight, but I was able to use it everywhere we went!

Interac 21 Day Challenge Update sparkleshinylove 2



Using my InteracDebit card on the trip forced me to keep within budget, but also insured a guilt-free vacation. I didn’t need to worry about spending more than I had – I spend exactly what I had, and what I planned to spend. It was much easier than I thought it would be, and it felt really good.

For me, the challenge continues! I will update you at the end of the 21 days to let you know if I made it to the end without any slip ups, and about what challenges I faced.

To learn more about the Interac21 Day Credit-Free Challenge visit https://www.21dayscreditfree.ca to watch 21 helpful video’s that will help you succeed at the challenge, and provide you with tips and encouragement to make the challenge successful.

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