Review of the Cube Scented Bouquet in Precious Jasmin from Lampe Berger

Review of Lampe Berger Precious Jasmine Cube Scente Bouquet



As a Lampe Berger Ambassador I am lucky enough to try out all of the new fragrances and product launches.

This new product is my favourite so far! The new Cube Scented Bouquet is a gorgeous glass cube filled with fragrance, topped with a bouquet of black sticks. It looks like a pretty perfume bottle which I love! It’s very elegant looking, and so neutral looking it would fit in anywhere in your home. It retails for $25 which is a great price point.



Review of Lampe Berger Precious Jasmine Cube Scente Bouquet


Once you unscrew the cap you can add or decrease the fragrance according to the amount of sticks you use.

The sticks are made with an engineered polymer so they won’t discolour the fragrance as well.

Each box contains the cube filled with 125ml of fragrance, and 8 black sticks for scent diffusion.

The scents include Ocean Breeze, Vanilla Gourmet, Soap Memories and Amber Powder, my scent Precious Jasmine, plus many more.



Review of Lampe Berger Precious Jasmine Cube Scente Bouquet



You can refill the cube by purchasing one of the scented bouquet refills which are 200ml as well. The Precious Jasmine scent included fruits like peach, apricot, orange blossom, and peonies, carnations and jasmine flowers.



Review of Lampe Berger Precious Jasmine Cube Scente Bouquet



I really loved the look of the cube. It would be such a pretty addition to a powder room, desk or living room. It could compliment any decor because it’s so neutral, and I liked that I could adjust the scent easily.

For more information on the new Lampe Berger Scented Bouquet Collection featuring the Cube Scented Bouquet, visit their website here.

Mandy Furnis



New Summer Fragrances From Lampe Berger – Exotic Cocktail & Daring Pepper

Lampe Berger Summer Scents Exotic Daring Pepper and Exotic Cocktail


Summer calls for lighter scents in my home, and the new Lampe Berger scents are a prefect way to freshen things up!

Lampe Berger launches new fragrances throughout the year which seem to fit perfectly with the changing seasons, and these latest scents are no different.



Lampe Berger Summer Scents Exotic Daring Pepper and Exotic Cocktail



To be honest, the scent Daring Pepper doesn’t have the name of a scent I would normally chose. I had no idea what this one was going to smell like, but it was surprisingly good!



Lampe Berger Daring pepper



It has an undertone of leather and spices, but it also smells of raspberry and vanilla. Such a crazy combination, but it’s so good! It’s a little masculine and fruity all at the same time.

Exotic Cocktail is the definition of summer. Flavours of rum, coconut, roasted coffee and vanilla. It smells like a tropical vacation, or a fruity cocktail. This is my new favourite scent.



Lampe Berger Exotic Cocktail


I’m loving both of these fresh new scents in my home, especially on rainy days when I just want to think of hot summer days when I’m stuck inside!

For more details on Lampe Berger, click here!



Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own.



Mandy Furnis



I’m a Lampe Berger Paris Brand Ambassador + Review of the Fruit Melody Scent

Lampe Berger Canada sparkleshinylove



I’ve recently been name a Brand Ambassador for Lampe Berger Paris which I’m excited about! A couple weeks ago I tried Lampe Berger for the first time, and I really liked it. Once they asked me if I would be a Band Ambassador I was happy to say yes because so far I’ve really liked their products.

Being a Brand Ambassador means I get to share my thoughts on new products and scents from Lampe Berger Paris with my readers, and possibly do a few giveaways so you can see for yourself what Lampe Berger is all about!



brand_ambassador_logo (2)


Another fan of Lampe Berger so far has been my loving but oh-so-hard-to-please husband. He’s got what I will call a “sensitive” nose that usually dislikes any air freshner that enters our home.

Lampe Berger was something he could get on board with – you only need to burn it for a short period of time to diffuse the fragrance.

He loved the So Neutral scent because it basically removes odours from our home without covering it with another scent.

I tested out a new limited edition fragrance from Lampe Berger Canada called Fruit Melody last week, and it ended up being my favourite one so far. I love anything that smells like food, and how can you go wrong with a fruit scent?





I could smell peach and vanilla in this fragrance, and it was a great scent for spring.

My husband came home as I was trying it out, and he said “that doesn’t smell that bad!” That’s about as complementary as he gets when it comes to fragrance!

I’ve been burning this scent ever since. It makes our home smell fresh, clean, and ready for spring!

To learn more about this fragrance, visit Lampe Berger Canada here!



Mandy Furnis