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Most of my disposable budget suprisingly isn’t dominated by clothing purchases, but instead by beauty products. Hair, makeup, skincare – something is always running out, not working for me anymore, or suddenly there is a new product I have to try and can’t believe I ever lived without it.

Look Fantastic is an online beauty boutique with everything from hair and beauty products, fragrance, nails, health, home and organic, and even blow driers and straighteners. It’s a British-based boutique, and they have over 400 brands available so there is an incredible amount of choice when shopping.

Look Fantastic offers free gifts with purchase and member rewards, so shopping with them can be, well, rewarding!

Every day that I log onto their website I seem to find a new offer or gift with purchase option available!

They have a curated section from the beauty team at Elle Magazine on the website as well so you can check out tested and highly-rated products, and they even offer free world-wide delivery.

I recently tried out a few hair care products from Look Fantastic, and they were all from brands that I hadn’t tried before.



Look Fantastic Beauty Review sparkleshinylove



The first was Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo.



Look Fantastic Beauty Review sparkleshinylove


Look Fantastic Beauty Review sparkleshinylove


It’s excellent for dry, damaged hair which is unfortunately the category mine falls into (I’m a little obsessed with my hair straightener), and it’s designed to add moisture and protection using both macadamia oil and argan oil.

It was the kind of shampoo that makes you think for a second that maybe you don’t even need to condition! It made my hair super soft and smooth, and it felt clean and light.

I followed my new shampoo up with TIGI S-Factor Health Factor Conditioner which specialized in protecting hair from damage, and repairing what damage was already done.


Look Fantastic Beauty Review sparkleshinylove



The conditioner’s formula included Shea butter for added shine and a healthy look, and vitamin E plus other rejuvenating oils to help protect hair by locking in moisture.

It conditioner not only had a great fresh scent, but it left my hair nice and soft as soon as I rinsed it out. I left it on my head for two minutes in the shower before rinsing for best results.

Finally I tested out an amazing treatment called Louise Galvin Treatment Masque for Fine Hair. This stuff was magic in a bottle!


Look Fantastic Beauty Review sparkleshinylove



It’s meant to be used twice a week, but if your hair was extremely dry it could be used as a daily conditioner. I felt twice a week was perfect for me, and this stuff made my hair feel totally amazing!

I would towel dry my hair and leave it in for 10-20 minutes, then comb it through, and later rinse. This is when I would have the best results – my hair would look and feel amazing for a couple days! It wasn’t greasy or oily at all – it just provided mega conditioning and completely hydrated every hair on my head.

When I was pressed for time I would leave it in for as long as I could while showering, and it still provided great results. I highly recommend this product if you have dry hair – it will absolutely hydrate you!

Being introduced to some great new products that really worked was very interesting, and I would love to shop the site again. So many products are not offered on Canadian shelves, so seeing and being able to shop such a huge selection was great.

It’s nice to see what else is out there on the beauty market compared to my corner of the world, and the world-wide shipping option from Look Fantastic makes it easy to get your hands on some great products.

To shop the the website yourself, visit them at Be prepared to blow your beauty budget for the month!



Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for review, but my opinions are fabulously my own.



Mandy Furnis