My List of the Best Toddler Gifts for Christmas



With less than a month to go until Christmas, I am feeling more than a little stressed about my holiday shopping. I’m not done! Everywhere on Facebook and Instagram I’m seeing perfectly trimmed trees with already wrapped presents underneath, and I am freaking out. I totally used to be one of those organized people, but having a child has curbed my preparedness for the holidays. At this point I’m usually at least half done my shopping, but this time around I only have a few gifts checked off my list.

My latest obsession is finding great gifts for my toddler, and I am sharing with you some of my favourite finds!







This booklet called Let’s Make More Great Placemat Art includes 36 different activity placemats for dinners out when you want to keep your toddler occupied. Which is likely always.





This Shared Kids Canada Day Tee is pretty darn cute, and it’s a great gift for a child who lives outside of Canada as well!






Sticking with the Canada theme, this Toronto ABC book is one I’m hoping to pick up myself this weekend!





Mini Mioche has this amazing parody book called Goodnight iPad, which I am sure all of us can relate to.




GummyGoods Nightlight

This GummyGoods Nightlight turns on when you squeeze it’s belly!






This Personalized Superhero Cape so perfect for a little boy or girl who loves to dress up.






If your child loves tents like I do, this one may be perfect since it’s pirate themed.





This mini mioche #timeout tee would probably be more for the parent than the child!






This ZOOBRELLA little kid umbrella is great for a child who wants to act like a grown up with their own umbrella.







This Decorate Your Own House kit is really cute – what child doesn’t love making a house out of cardboard?






This Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling set is freaking adorable.





Onaroo Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight


This alarm clock teaches time, plays games, and changes colours when set to tell your toddler what time it’s ok to get up. Because sometimes they need to be told that it’s not ok to get up before the sun rises.







OBSESSED with these AKID Jasper boots. They need to get into my toddler’s closet ASAP.






My son has this construction utensil set, and it’s perfect because it makes him want to use cutlery, and in this case he can play with his food at the same time.






These Foreign Language Blocks will come in handy once your toddler masters their first language. How impressive would it be to have a bilingual child on the playground? I’M not even bilingual, so I would be pretty impressed.

Good luck with your holiday shopping!