The Weekend with #MyGeox

The Weekend #MyGeox

  The Weekend with #MyGeox

 The Weekend with #MyGeox

 The Weekend with #MyGeox

 The Weekend with #MyGeox

 imageThe Weekend with #MyGeox

 The Weekend with #MyGeox



I spent the weekend being more active than usual.

I’m always running around doing something, but this weekend seemed to be jammed packed with actual physical running!

I wore my new GEOX Nebula shoes all day Saturday starting with a play date in the park with 9 kids! There was a lot of running after children who were crying, fighting, and who were just basically running away from their parents.

After some quick errands I found myself at another impromptu play date with more running after toddlers.

These GEOX Nebula shoes were brand new so I expected a blister or two (especially since they are worn without socks), but they were so comfortable!

There were quite a few options to choose from when I shopped at the Geox store at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre, and I had a really hard time deciding which one’s I wanted.


The weekend with #myGeox sparkleshinylove


These shoes were ultra light, and I loved that they just slipped on.

They have 360° breathability thanks to the Net Breathing system which offers breathability and heat regulation, while the Inner Breathing System supports temperature regulation of the foot. Excess heat escapes upwards because of the linings breathable gaps, and you can enjoy wearing these shoes with comfort and style.

These Geox Nebula were so fun because I could easily wear them with jeans for a plate day, or dress them up a little like I did here with a dress or skirt. Because they were so easy to slip on and off, they make the perfect travel shoe as well. I hate having to remove my shoes at the airport, but it would be so easy to slip them on and off through security, and they are so comfortable to wear on the go!

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 I was provided these shoes for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own.



Xoxo Mandy