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I can’t think of a product I’ve been more impressed with that I’ve reviewed on the blog.

RapidLash is a game changer. The results were so noticeable I couldn’t believe it!

A couple months ago I blogged about being a part of a new campaign where I would try out RapidLash, and then later share my results.



RapidLash Review sparkleshinylove


It’s time to share, and I really can’t say enough good things about this product. This stuff really works!

Every night before bed I would remove my mascara (now that is dedication – some of you know that I am not very consistant with makeup removal!) and I applied RapidLash to my lashes.

It’s ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, safe for contact lens wearers, free of fragrance and paraben’s, and is not tested on animals.

It’s only to be applied once a day and results for lashes can occur in just 4-6 weeks. It contains something called Hextein 1 Complex which works to strengthen, lengthen, hydrate, nourish and simulate lash and brow hair.

I found my own RapidLash at Shoppers Drug Mart, front and centre at the Beauty Boutique, and it retails for approximately $59.99 CDN.

I really didn’t expect to see the results that I did. At first I noticed my lashes felt much more conditioned. They were very soft, and I was happy with that.



RapidLash Review sparkleshinylove



The more I used RapidLash, I started to see some serious results. Baby lashes I had in the corner of my eye grew longer. More and more lashes started either popping up, or grew longer. Slowly my lashes started to grow longer, fuller and stronger.

I was so impressed with this product I don’t see how I’m going to live without it. If you could sign me up for an ongoing supply mailed to my door I would be on board.

After using RapidLash for a couple months I don’t even need a refill yet which is great.

Overall I would absolutely purchase this product again, and I will! I really loved the results, and the look of my lashes.

Here is my before and after. It really doesn’t do it justice – my lashes are so much better than they were before RapidLash.



RapidLash Review



For more information on RapidLash, visit their website here.



Disclosure: I am part of the RapidLash campaign with Influence Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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