A Healthy Tan with Bioderma Photoderm Self-Tanner

A Healthy Tan with Bioderma Photoderm Self-Tanner


Years ago I was that girl who would bake in the sun – no shade, no sunscreen, not worrying about a burn because it would turn into a golden tan later.

Things have changed and I’ve realized how completely crazy that whole idea was, so now you will find me taking breaks in the shade and lathering on sunscreen.

Another perfect alternative (and a much healthier one) is using a self-tanner. I was never really a big fan of self-tanner since my first experience had me with orange splotches on my skin, clothing, and any other surface I touched.

Fast-forward to last week when I tried Bioderma’s Photoderm Self-Tanner, and I realized what I was truly missing all of this time!

A Healthy Tan with Bioderma Photoderm Self-Tanner



This amazing little can contains a moisturizing self-tanner that you really have no chance of messing up. The spray from the can is more like a mist, and it evenly distributed onto my skin adding a nice glow.


The mist dried almost instantly and I can tell you there was ZERO transfer onto my clothing! This had me pretty happy – my skin was dry in seconds. The instructions indicated that to get a tanned look I should mist myself once a day for three days, and then once every two days. I felt like I had enough colour after two days of misting, and then I went ahead and re-applied once every two days. The results were pretty amazing, and my skin looked evenly tanned and felt moisturized.



The spray is also paraben free, alcohol free, and hypoallergenic. You can learn more details about my new favourite self-tanner here!





This product was provided to me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own!


Xoxo Mandy