Where to Shop – Saks Fifth Avenue to open at Sherway Gardens




When Sears vacates Sherway Gardens in February, 2014 Saks Fifth Avenue will be taking it’s place.  Competitor Nordstrom already announced it’s plans to open at Sherway as well, but have delayed their opening until 2017.  Saks Fifth Avenue will likely open first in 2016.  The store will be approximately 130,000 square feet, and could possibly feature a 25,000 square foot food hall as well.

I shop at both stores in both the US and online.  I think this is great news because not only does Saks have an amazing selection of brands for women and kids, but Nordstrom tends to be more competitive in price, so the fact they will be launching at the same mall on a similar timeline will hopefully mean competitive pricing and greater selection for all of us!  I love the Burberry boys line but its hard to purchase in-store in Canada because I am always finding their product is out of stock.  Saks and Nordstrom both carry the line, and always seem to have everything in stock (and sometimes on sale!) so I and I’m sure many others will be saving on cross-border shipping and duty!
 Photo Courtesy of Sherwaygardens.ca