Freshly Baked Goods Delivered to your Door with


Have you ever just wanted a cupcake delivered to your door? Lots of things can be delivered – magazines, pizzas, groceries…but how about a fresh cupcake from a local bakery? The good news is that on September 17th is launching! What does this mean? Well, you can now have that cupcake delivered fresh to your home with a click of a button from that lazy spot you have burrowed into your couch. is a unique online marketplace for Toronto bakeries to sell their items online. Usually cosy little bake shops only sell their freshly baked good in-store, but now their sweets and treats can be sold and delivered straight to your home.



This service is great not just for those people who have these cupcake cravings like me, but also for those times you are having a party or event. Think of how much time you would save if your cake could be delivered to your house or party venue instead of you rushing to pick it up in time!



image will be launching with 50 of the city’s most prominent bakeries, with more being added every day.

Buyers can create personalized accounts whereby its easy to simply click on what you want to order, and see it delivered to your door.







I was lucky enough to preview some of the baked goods from the bakeries on, and they were awesome! The macaroons were gone in a second, and cookies were soft and fresh….everything tasted newly baked and were super tasty!






Be sure to check out on their launch date Wednesday, September 17th! Do me a favour, send me a cupcake!

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