My Review of The Chase Fish and Oyster

The Chase

The Chase is located at Yonge and Temperance in Toronto, and at first I was a little confused about the restaurant and where I was going!  On the webpage there are two different restaurants – The Chase and The Chase Fish and Oyster.  They don’t explain on the website the difference between the two.  The Chase is located on the top floor of the building, and is the more upscale of the two.  I decided based on the menu to try The Chase Fish and Oyster instead, which is located on the bottom floor of the building.

I was able to try the food out earlier in the year before the restaurant opened at the Lainey Gossip Smut Soiree this summer at Evergreen Brickworks.  The Chase has a food truck that they were bringing to events across the city to get people interested in their upcoming restaurant.

Temperance has no parking so you either need to find a lot on another street, or use the valet parking at the restaurant.  The valet parking is $20, and the most exotic cars are parked in front of the restaurant on display.

The Chase 2

The Chase Fish and Oyster has an outdoor patio, but the restaurant itself was a lot smaller than I expected.  As you walk in you can see the kitchen through large glass windows, and it was a flurry of activity.  We were mesmerized by it while we were waiting for our table!


We started with the Yonge Platter which included raw oysters, clams, tuna and shrimp.  There was an oyster checklist where you could choose where you wanted your oysters from.

The Chase Fish and Oyster

The Chase Osterology


After the platter we were pretty stuffed, but we still had more food coming!  Next we tried their version of Lobster Claws, which were two claws butter poached with bacon-cashew stuffing and celery root slaw.  The lobster was so good, but slaw and stuffing were a little rich.

We also ordered the Crab Toast, which were three mini heaps of bacon, tomato, chili aioli and crab.  The toast that the slaw was on was so tough we could hardly cut through it or bit into it!  The slaw tasted amazing, but we couldn’t get past the hard toast.

We finished the meal off with a bit of dessert (although we were very full!) and had a chocolate sundae.  They didn’t have a dessert menu to read from, but the server gave us three options including a key lime pie and some sort of apple pie sort of dessert.

The restaurant was decorated with tables that had wood paneling that looked like they were out of a sail boat, and sails hanging from the ceiling.  There was an elevator inside the restaurant to take patrons straight up to the top floor of the building to The Chase.

The final bill came in an accounts payable envelope which was really cute, but once I opened the envelope I realized I might need a payment plan to pay for my dinner – my glass of rum and coke alone was $14!

The Chase Accounts Payable

As always I’m scoping out for opportunities to see if a restaurant is suitable to bring small children, and in this case I would say The Chase Fish and Oyster would not be an ideal place for them!   The restaurant had bass heavy music playing, and the clientele seemed like they were conducting late night business meetings.

The Chase and The Chase Fish and Oyster are both open for lunch and dinner.

10 Temperance Street, Toronto


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