They’re Real! Remover Review

Benefit They're Real! Remover

If you read the blog, you know my absolute love for Benefit’s they’re Real! Mascara, and how much I was a fan of Benefit’s they’re Real! Push-Up Liner. The final item I needed to try was Benefit’s they’re Real! Remover. I feel like it probably would have been a good idea to buy this in the beginning, but I will get to that later.

I picked up this remover at Sephora, and likely the reason I held off on buying it right away was that it was $22. That’s a lot considering I already have a remover on the go, and although I am not sure it’s worth the price, I did have a great experience with it!

The remover is specially formulated to remove Benefit’s they’re Real Mascara and Push-Up Liner, which is exactly what I wanted to try removing.

Benefit They're Real! Remover

It is a bit different than the remover I am using now, which is Philosophy’s Purity. That remover is more of a liquid, and that makes it a little difficult to use on the eyes. It does dry my skin out a bit and I need to moisturize immediately after, but it does a great job of removing my make up. I also use Vaseline as well if I have a hard time with my eye makeup.

They’re Real! Remover is a white creamy gel, and in comparison it is very easy to apply. You can use a cotton swab, or in this case since it’s more of a gel you can even just put some on your finger and wipe. It actually works well with a Q-Tip to just remove a small portion of your makeup if you have made a mistake.

I found that this remover did not dry my skin out at all. I was really waiting for it to irritate my skin or make it feel tingly, but it didn’t at all. It felt like I was putting cream on!

The remover lifts away waterproof eye makeup pretty easily, as long as you give it a minute. It took my liner right off, and I held the cotton swab on my eye for a moment with remover on it, and it took my mascara right off as well. I found that it needed more time to sit on my eyelashes for the mascara to come off, and when I waited it easily removed my makeup.

I washed my face with water when I was done to get rid of any excess make up, and it was a little scary to see all of that make up gone! So that is really what I look like under there? Ok maybe next time I will leave a bit of mascara on!

Benefit They're Real! Remover
I didn’t find this remover irritated my skin or eyes at all, which makes sense because it is formulated for contact lenses wearers and people with sensitive eyes.

Overall I was pretty happy with this product, but I am not sure it’s is worth the price. Yes I really like it, and I will be sad when my bottle is empty, but there are lots of things I can do with $22, and a jar of Vaseline is only a couple dollars….

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It does pair perfectly with my Benefit mascara and liner, so I feel like I need all of these products, but at the same time if I had to choose, I would be able to live without the remover.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can purchase it on the Benefit Cosmetics website here, or at Sephora here.