My Review of The Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Urban Decay Naked Basics



Some may find this embarrassing, but the reason I learned about Urban Decay’s Naked Palette was because I Googled what make-up Kim Kardashian used at her wedding to Kanye. If anyone ever saw my Google history I’d probably die of embarrassment, but that is one of the things I felt I needed to know. Thank god for Google. Anyway, I read that she used one of Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes, and before finding this out I actually never thought about going looking for Urban Decay products. I knew the brand, but I just didn’t think about looking into what they had to offer. Well, that was all before Kim married Kanye, and since I thought she looked pretty great I decided to investigate.

It turns out that I was pretty behind on this one, because not only is there a Naked Basics Palette, but also a Naked Palette, Naked2 Palette, and Naked3 Palette. This is apparently such a popular product there are multiple sequels!

I previously posed about my love for Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes Palette which I love, and I really didn’t need more eyeshadow in my life, but I was intrigued so I went with the Naked Basics Palette for my test run.

The Naked Basics Palette is cheaper than the other Naked Palettes, and since I really didn’t NEED the product, the size of this small palette made me feel less guilty for purchasing it!



Urban Decay Naked Basics 2



First of all the palette itself is pretty great because it’s sturdy enough that when you close it, it will actually stay closed. I’ve been using it for almost two months now and the lock is still working, and I have dropped it a few times and the eye shadows and palette have not cracked or broken.


Urban Decay Naked Basics 3


There are six neutral shades, and they are all matte. The first three are perfect for a neutral eye. Venus works great as a highlighter and because the shadow is matte it isn’t too shimmery. Foxy and Walk of Shame are my absolute favourites. I alternate using them to cover my lid, and sometimes I just wear one of these colours with mascara so I look awake! It’s like the “I’m not wearing any make-up” look, while actually wearing make-up and looking fab. I thought I would hate Naked2 because it almost looks grey in the palette, but after a couple weeks I tried it and I really like it! It’s perfect to layer on the crease of my eye, and it doesn’t look grey at all on top of Foxy or Walk of Shame. It looks very natural, but at least defines my eyes. Finally Faint and Crave are more for a dinner and drinks type of look. Both can be very heavy so very little is needed, but both are complementary. It’s like this palette was made for my face! Obviously Urban Decay knew what they were doing when they created this Naked Basics Palette.



Urban Decay Naked Basics 4



I LOVE this palette, but now it just makes me want to try one of the other Naked Palette’s in Urban Decay’s collection. So really, purchasing this small palette has actually cost me money in the long run because now I feel the need to try out another palette. I really did a bad job of saving money in this instance, but that’s pretty normal for me. Anyway, give this palette a try – it’s totally worth it!

It retails for $33 Canadian, and you can purchase it from Sephora here.