World MasterCard Fashion Week – Mélissa Nepton

My favourite fashion shows are the ones where the clothing is so unbelievable that you dream of owning a piece, but that piece of clothing is so out-there and unbelievably amazing that you would never have an event to wear it to! I’m not sure why I enjoy seeing things that are so impractical and un-wearable to the regular events I go to, but I feel like that is what fashion shows are all about. I love to see something I could never I imagine or design myself.

The practical side of me also enjoys seeing a show full of things I could actually attain and wear in my not-as-fabulous real life! Last night I attended a few shows at World MasterCard Fashion week in Toronto, and one of those shows was Mélissa Nepton. She is a Montreal-based designer who creates ready-to-wear couture, and it was one of those shows where I kept saying “I could totally wear that outfit” as each piece was walked down the runway.

My favourite part of the show was her use of leather. It made everything a little edgy. I am not a super edgy person, but I can fake it with a little leather!

I wrote a post recently about Mélissa’s Target collaboration which I also loved (please don’t butt in front of me when I line up for those things – I’m always too polite to say something about that but inside I’m seething!), so she’s pretty much on a roll with me.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from her show!













All photo credits to George Pimentel / Getty Images.