YVES SAINT LAURENT Creme De Blush Review


This week I tried out YSL’s Creme De Blush. This will be the most expensive blush you ever buy I’m pretty sure. Well, that’s if my review entices you to buy it! I received it free in a swag bag, but it retails for $52.00 CDN. So it’s a little pricey, but I did really like it.

I’d never tried a cream blush before this one. They sound messy, right? Well it didn’t end up being as bad as I thought.

Yves Saint Laurent - Creme de blush

When I saw the colour (Rouge Passion) I thought it was way too red! I don’t usually wear anything red so I was sure I would just give it away. Even on when I first applied it I though it looked way too red. I tried blending it in and it smoothed into this perfect flush colour. I was actually pretty shocked – it looked awesome. I looked so healthy all of a sudden!

The texture is very silky but sets matte. It didn’t upset the makeup I had already put on at all which was great as well.

I was totally in love with the colour, but I noticed around lunch time it had disappeared. It’s definitely something you need to re-apply throughout the day as I found it had a shelf life of a few hours. I don’t usually carry blush around with me, so that would be something to adjust to.

The blush didn’t leave my skin oily at all (which I am prone too), and it was hard to believe how great it blended into a natural look. It didn’t settle into my pores, and it just sort of floated on top of my makeup.

There is a bit of mess since you need to apply it with your fingers, so on-the-go could be a bit tough unless you can make it to a bathroom to wash your hands. They suggest you use your fingertips for the application, but I suppose you could use a small brush. But on-the-go with a brush? That would be dedication!

The good news is that this stuff would probably last a lifetime. You need so little that I can’t imagine this thing emptying for at least a year!

The blush container itself is pretty luxe. It’s so pretty it doesn’t feel like it should be hidden in a makeup bag.

Yves Saint Laurent - Creme de blush

Would I buy this product? Maybe! I really do like it, but the cost of it would really hurt my wallet. Blush isn’t exactly an essential for me so I’m not sure I would splurge. But if I had some unaccounted for funds, I would go for it!