Dressing up the The Wifey Favourite Tee From deighan design

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I’ve already been a bride, but like most girls I’m still pretty fascinated with the whole wedding process. I still watch the programs on finding the perfect dress, still check out wedding dresses in boutique windows, and I often think about how I would have loved having “this” or “that” when I got married.

I had seen the Wifey Favourite Tee from deighan design online, and I loved it.

It can be dressed up or dressed down, but I knew I wanted to dress it up with my favourite tulle skirt from Space 46 Boutique.



Deighan design Wifey comfy tee sparkleshinylove



In these photos I’m wearing a size small and it fit perfectly, but it is definitely a slim fit style shirt.



wifey favourite tee deighan design sparkleshinylove mandy furnis 2



wifey favourite tee deighan design sparkleshinylove mandy furnis 3



wifey favourite tee deighan design sparkleshinylove mandy furnis



How cute is this shirt? It would be a great gift for a bride to be, or anyone who’s married.

deighan design also has some pretty fabulous wedding accessories like these personalized hangers – where were these when I got married? I would have loved to have one!




Their personalized hangers and cake toppers are actually created by hand which was pretty impressive! Otherwise many items are ready to ship, but lots of things can also be personalized.

They have everything from personalized bridal party robes, to bachelorette party accessories!









You can check out the Wifey Favourite Tee I am wearing in this post on their website here.

To see more of what deighan designs has to offer, check out their website here!

sparkleshinylove readers can save 10% on their deighan design order by using code SAVE10! Happy shopping!


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Wow 1 Day Painting Toronto’s Wow a Mom Mother’s Day Giveaway!

MOM = WOW (2)



This contest is pretty awesome!

I don’t know about you, but the hubby and I have had some serious disputes about painting the house. There is one thing we learned after doing some recent redecorating – the couple that lets someone else paint their house has a great chance at staying married!

WOW 1 DAY PAINTING Toronto has the ability to complete house painting projects often with same day service, so you aren’t spending weeks of waiting while painters are trying to finish up a project, and you aren’t spending even more time doing it yourself.

They can often guarantee they will complete your painting project in just 1 day! They use a large crew of skilled painters to complete projects carefully and efficiently.

Now for the really cool contest!

In honour of Mother’s day, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING Toronto would love to show their appreciation for and recognize an extra-special, well deserving MOM.

They would love to WOW a MOM this year by donating their time and services by completing a paint job of her home. Free!

All you have to do nominate the deserving MOM, and here is how:


STEP 1: Post a message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wow1daypaintingtoronto or…

Post on Instagram @wow1daypaintingtoronto or…

Email bsharpless@wow1day.com

Example: Hi @wow1daypainting! My #momiswow in Toronto!


STEP 2: Include a photo of this mom and her first name

STEP 3: Use #momiswow



When they get your posting, they will respond with a private message so you know you are entered.

The deadline for nominations is midnight Saturday, May 1st, and the selected MOM will be announced shortly after.

You can visit their website here, their Facebook page here, or their Instagram page here!

Good luck!







Review of NeoStrata’s Vitamin C Concentrate

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I’ve always wanted to try Vitamin C capsules because I have heard they do amazing things for your skin! NeoStrata was giving away lots of their skincare essentials at Fashion Week in Toronto last month, and as soon as I saw the capsules I was excited and pretty much pounced on the NeoStrata representative.

Previously I used an amazing NeoStrata cream as part of my skincare regimin even, so I wasn’t hesitant about using one of their products.

The NeoStrata Vitamin C Concentrate capsules are to be used twice a day, and they are easy to twist open. Once the top is twisted off, the Vitamin C serum rushes out immediately so you have to be careful!



NeoStrata vitamin c concentrate review sparkleshinylove



There is no smell to the serum at all, but the way it feels on your face is crazy! It almost feels like applying a primer, but it’s smoother than that. Once you smooth it over your face and neck it feels like you have covered your face in a mask. It feels exactly as soft as I would want my face to feel. It would take about 20 minutes before it felt like the Vitamin C sunk in. Each capsule contains 10% Vitamin C, so it’s a good place to start with since capsules can contain up to 20%. It’s very easy to irritate your skin with Vitamin C as well so you have to be careful!






It’s also important to use the capsule immediately after opening it because Vitamin C can degrade quickly when it is exposed to light or air.

The capsules are for all skin types, and recommended for ages 30+ to repair loss of raidience, and to promote skin clarity and elasticity.

After using them for a week I didn’t see any major results, but I am definitely buying more capsules. I just loved the way it felt on my skin, and I didn’t feel like I needed to add a night or morning cream with it because my skin felt moisturized. The only issue I found was that I needed time to let it soak into my skin, and that is hard if you are pressed for time in the morning.

Overall it felt like a bit of luxury for my face, and that’s not a bad thing!

For more information on NeoStrata’s Vitamin C Concentrate, click here.



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