My Beach Vacation Essentials



When I’m packing for a trip, the most important thing is to have room for my shoes. Packing space is tight, so I’d much rather leave behind a moisturizer than cute sandals. Priorities, right? Anytime I get a great travel size product I throw it into a special basket, and I shop my stash before I leave on vacation.

There are a few things I make sure I have purchased before I go away, and the rest I use for the first time on my trip.






I didn’t bring a lot with me this time around in the cosmetics department since I needed even more room for trucks, diapers, beach pails and buckets than usual since our son was coming with us. What I did bring really ended up being all I needed. Here is my roundup of what my essentials included!






If you read the blog, you know I was just raving about Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day. I HAD to bring this on vacation, because I was heading to Turks and Caicos where the humidity was out if this world. Usually I can judge how humid things really are by the amount my hair is curling. Although some days I couldn’t help but have a little wave, overall I was pretty happy with my island hair in those soaring temperatures thanks to my Living Proof Perfect Hair Day.

Not only is my favourite Essie nail polish colour Ballet Slippers, but it was the perfect shade to use while I was away since I was bound to be chipping and cracking my nail polish throughout the week. It’s the worst to have a bright blue or orange polish on, and then have a chip that stands out (think Britney Spears photos – TMZ always seems to be pointing out her inability to have perfectly polished nails!). This polish got me through 7 days of minimal embarrassment before I made a spa appointment to have things fixed up! Plus it’s a colour that goes with everything, so you can’t lose.






I totally steal my kids sunscreen. This stuff is awesome! I use his Aveeno Baby Sunscreen (SPF 55) on my face, and anywhere else I can reach. Using it on my face doesn’t make me break out which is great, plus I didn’t get a sunburn all week. It’s got a great scent too!






Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream was great for my vacation. It’s tinted so it evened out my skin tone slightly when I arrived with very pale and uneven skin, and it didn’t come off on my clothing at all because it dried quickly. I thought it had a great scent (sort of beachy) and had a bit of shimmer which was nice for my vacation. It definitely did it’s job when it came to moisturizing, but I don’t think it actually firmed or corrected my skin in any way as it claims to do. It really did bring moisture back to my skin after days in the ocean and on the beach, but I don’t think I would use it to solve any of my skin issues.






I don’t go anywhere without my Green Beaver Boreal Lip Balm. I usually carry two with me because I would literally wither away and die without my lip gloss. I have a lot of allergies so I can only use certain products on my lips, and this one is gluten free and has no scary ingredients. Unfortunately I have a reaction to any lip glosses or balms with SPF, so this may not be the best lip balm for you on the beach. SPF is obviously the way to go, but for me it’s not an option on my lips. This stuff is hard to find so I usually purchase it on or at I didn’t get a burn on my lips all week, but I have to admit it may have had something to do the the copious amount I was applying to my lips!






I thought about writing a totally separate post about trying Makeup Forever’s Smoky Extravagant Mascara. I really loved this one, and I am still using it! The brush is hard to get used to because it starts skinny and ends very plump, but once you get the hang of it it lengthens your lashes like crazy! It doesn’t plump them too much, but it really defines them and the mascara doesn’t flake off at all. It’s very easy to remove, and I didn’t even need to use my lash curler because the wand did the work for me. Big fan! Right now it’s taking over for my favourite Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara, which if you know me means this stuff is pretty awesome.

Why You Should Attend The Delicious Food Show October 17th – 19th




I’ve just returned from what I would describe as a gluttonous week of vacation. Usually when I am at home I’ll grab a Starbucks for breakfast, possibly I’ll bring a sandwich for lunch or grab something quick to eat nearby, and in the evening I’ll either make a big dinner or go out somewhere fun to eat. Vacation eating for me was quite different last week! Two-course breakfast’s, huge lunches including appetizers, an afternoon snack of a small sandwich or ice cream, and then a three-course dinner with a late night ice cream run. All inclusive resorts are not kind to anyone’s metabolism or diet.

So here I am trying to get my eating plan back on track, and what comes into my inbox? Details on Toronto’s upcoming Delicious Food Show! It’s like the universe is trying to tell me something. Like keep eating?






The Delicious Food Show is a 3 day event which includes all food-themed lifestyle and entertaining experiences, featuring hundreds of exhibitors, cooking demos, tastings, hands-on workshops, book signings, and appearances by Food Network and international celebrity chefs.

So when should you be sure not schedule a diet or a cleanse? The Delicious Food Show runs from Friday, October 17th from 10am – 9pm, Saturday, October 18th from 10am – 8pm, and Sunday, October 19th from 10am – 6pm at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto (Direct Energy Centre, Hall A, 100 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto).

What can you expect to do? You can sample, sip, and purchase new products from hundreds of exhibitors. There will be live cooking demos, tastings, and hands-on workshops.

You can also attend presentations and book signings with chefs including including Mario Batali, Tyler Florence, Dominique Ansel, Chuck Hughes, Nadia G, Mark McEwan, Lucinda Scala Quinn, Roger Mooking, and more.



Mario Batali

Chef Mario Batali



Chef Tyler Florence

Chef Tyler Florence



Chef Chuck Hughes

Chef Chuck Hughes



What can you expect from one of these presentations with a celebrity chef?

They are hands-on workshops and demonstrations where participants will be provided with an initial demonstration of the recipe or explanation of the demo, along with step-by step instructions directly from the chef themselves. The chef will share their tips and tricks as they work, and you are able to ask questions and participate in this interactive experience.

What sounds more fun then a show about eating? It sound much better to me then a baby show, or a home and garden show! You can just buy a ticket to walk around and just taste and see what the vendors have to offer, or really participate and sign up for a chef led demonstration.

Did I give you enough reasons to attend? I will for sure be attending, and I can’t wait to eat my way through this show! To sign up for the Celebrity Chef Special Events, or to purchase tickets click here!

For more information on the Delicious Food Show, check out these links below:

Freshly Baked Goods Delivered to your Door with


Have you ever just wanted a cupcake delivered to your door? Lots of things can be delivered – magazines, pizzas, groceries…but how about a fresh cupcake from a local bakery? The good news is that on September 17th is launching! What does this mean? Well, you can now have that cupcake delivered fresh to your home with a click of a button from that lazy spot you have burrowed into your couch. is a unique online marketplace for Toronto bakeries to sell their items online. Usually cosy little bake shops only sell their freshly baked good in-store, but now their sweets and treats can be sold and delivered straight to your home.



This service is great not just for those people who have these cupcake cravings like me, but also for those times you are having a party or event. Think of how much time you would save if your cake could be delivered to your house or party venue instead of you rushing to pick it up in time!



image will be launching with 50 of the city’s most prominent bakeries, with more being added every day.

Buyers can create personalized accounts whereby its easy to simply click on what you want to order, and see it delivered to your door.







I was lucky enough to preview some of the baked goods from the bakeries on, and they were awesome! The macaroons were gone in a second, and cookies were soft and fresh….everything tasted newly baked and were super tasty!






Be sure to check out on their launch date Wednesday, September 17th! Do me a favour, send me a cupcake!

Twitter @ShopBakeCanada
Hashtag #ShopBakeLaunch

Handmade Creations from Carberry Soap Company + A Giveaway!


My first visit to Carberry Soap Company was on a whim when I was shopping for favours for a party I was having. My party included a night with my girlfriends where we did some private shopping at one of my favourite stores Turquoise in Whitby (I’ve got a post coming soon about them – stay tuned!), and then I had a cake pop making demonstration where all of the ladies were able to take home some of their own creations at the end of the night. I usually have a party favour for my guests to take home after one of my parties, and I was shopping around for something to go with my theme in some way.

What I found at Carberry Soap Company was perfectly fitting – individual cupcake soaps, packaged just for my event using the colours of my party theme. The cupcakes were incredibly life-like, and the smell of them was out of this world. Perfect, right?

I’ve been shopping there ever since for gifts for friends and family, and of course for myself when I need pampering, which happens pretty often!

The offerings are almost overwhelming, which is actually a good thing. For every soap there are a number of scents, colours and designs.



Carberry -soap-company







Carberry’s Organic Babycakes soap is made with pure organic olive oil and fresh organic goat milk. It’s ideal for people with skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.








Their Gourmet Soap Collection is gentle, soothing, and they smell exactly like the gourmet flavour they are named after!








My favourite offerings from Carberry Soap Company are from their Carberry Cakery collection!
All kinds of baked goods are transformed into amazing soaps! Cupcakes, cake slices, doughnuts – these creations look as decadent as they would be in real life. Not only do they look amazing, but their scents are out of this world.


















Carberry has a range of items for children as well. Their Soapy Pops look like real popsicles, which may entice your little one to actually want to scrub up and get clean! Soapy Pops are SLS free and all fragrance oils are phthalate free too!








Carberry has a cute kids station right inside the shop for little ones to keep busy while mom’s take a moment to shop!










And for those who love to have a relaxing bath there are even more handmade items such as Bath Creamers, Bath Blasters, and Recipe Soaps which include a combination of ingredients to create some yummy flavours.





Carberry -soap-company


Carberry -soap-company









As I mentioned before, Carberry Soap Company was able to customize my party favours to match the colour and scent I wanted, and their team is willing to work with their customers to create the perfect favour for your event.



Carberry -soap-company



I love the fact that Carberry offers hands-on workshops to learn how to make these fabulous soaps yourself. This is something I can’t wait to do. Classes are offered based on the type of soap you would like to make, and I think it would make an awesome girls night!








And now – a giveaway!

You can win a gift bag full of goodies courtesy of Carberry Soap Company which includes one if their large fabulous cupcake soaps, a pack of three yummy mini cupcake soaps, and their very own Cake Mix Bubbling Bath Powder!








I was lucky enough to try all of these items, and I literally smell like a walking bake shop right now. It’s pretty fabulous.

To win, all you need to do is enter using the Rafflecopter link below this post! You will need to like sparkleshinylove on Facebook in order to enter.




The contest begins today, Friday, September 12th, 2014 and will end on Saturday, September 20th, 2014 at 12:00pm EST. This contest is open all US and Canadian residents, and the randomly selected winner will be announced on Sunday, September 21st, 2014.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

If you haven’t yet, you should also like the Carberry Soap Company Facebook page here to see all of the great products and incentives they are running. If you visit them in store and like their Facebook page while you are there, they even give you a free mini soap!

Carberry Soap Company is located at 629 Liverpool Road, Pickering, Ontario. You can visit their website at to learn more or order products online which may be shipped to the US and Canada.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

eBay Partners with Local Shops for Boutiques on eBay


Ebay is trying to gain ground on the Etsy phenomenon by launching Boutiques on eBay. It’s a new virtual space on eBay’s website where they are carrying small capsule collections from select shops for a short period of time. It’s like an online pop-up shop! The idea is to feature local shops and independent designers.



For the month of September Ebay has teamed up with This Little Piggy from Toronto’s Queen West (have you heard it was announced that it’s the world’s second hippest street this week?), and Crywolf from Ossignton Street in Toronto.

This Little Piggy is a children’s clothing shop, and the Ebay boutique features tee’s, leggings, and sweatshirts, while Crywolf is featuring adult shirts. All products are priced under $40.





To shop the collection, or to see the next collection that launches in this space, visit here.

Unique Children’s Halloween Costumes Found on Etsy!

Hat and Cape Lovelane Etsy

Believe it or not I’ve been thinking about what my son should be for Halloween for a while now. I love this time of year. September has always been my favourite month because it’s starting to get a little cooler at night so I can pull out my cozy sweaters that have been put away for the summer, I travel every year during this month so I know I have a fun trip to look forward to, Pumpkin Spice Lattes come out at Starbucks which make me happy, and pumpkins start popping up everywhere which reminds me one of my favourite holidays are coming up – Halloween! I decorate the outside of our house with all kinds of crazy decorations for Halloween, and around this time I usually start hunting for new scary items to add to the house. My husband made me a coffin a couple years ago, and my reaction of utter joy made him laugh at my wackiness.

My poor son has a few more years of me picking his Halloween costume before he starts taking over the process. I have started to look around for something fun for him to wear, and I have found some really fun and unique costumes on Etsy. Have you noticed I am kind of an Etsy nut? The whole pushing one button and paying with Paypal adds to the appeal. It doesn’t feel like I’m buying anything if there is no card swiping!

Here are a few of my favourite costumes I have found along the way!



Burrito Baby

Awesome Sauce Designs “Burrito Baby”



Dino Cape with Hood

Mauky Joe Dinosaur Costume



Baby Rasta Hat

Yum Baby Rasta Hat



Prince Charming Costume

Tiny Disguises Prince Charming Costume



Wonder Woman Costume

Lisas Tutus Wonder Woman Costume



Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Lover Dovers Clothing Little Red Riding Hood Costume



Childrens Knight Costume

Catherine Soucy Knight Costume



Pink Polka Dot Clown Tutu Outfit

Rock the Journey Pink Clown Tutu Outfit



Princess Leia Costume

Epic Costumes Princess Leia



Winged Hat and Cape Set

Lovelane Winged Hat and Cape Set



Cinderella Costume

Fairytale Jubilee Cinderella Costume



Fairy Overcoat Costume

Fairytale Jubilee The Fairy’s Overcoat Costume

They’re Real! Remover Review

Benefit They're Real! Remover

If you read the blog, you know my absolute love for Benefit’s they’re Real! Mascara, and how much I was a fan of Benefit’s they’re Real! Push-Up Liner. The final item I needed to try was Benefit’s they’re Real! Remover. I feel like it probably would have been a good idea to buy this in the beginning, but I will get to that later.

I picked up this remover at Sephora, and likely the reason I held off on buying it right away was that it was $22. That’s a lot considering I already have a remover on the go, and although I am not sure it’s worth the price, I did have a great experience with it!

The remover is specially formulated to remove Benefit’s they’re Real Mascara and Push-Up Liner, which is exactly what I wanted to try removing.

Benefit They're Real! Remover

It is a bit different than the remover I am using now, which is Philosophy’s Purity. That remover is more of a liquid, and that makes it a little difficult to use on the eyes. It does dry my skin out a bit and I need to moisturize immediately after, but it does a great job of removing my make up. I also use Vaseline as well if I have a hard time with my eye makeup.

They’re Real! Remover is a white creamy gel, and in comparison it is very easy to apply. You can use a cotton swab, or in this case since it’s more of a gel you can even just put some on your finger and wipe. It actually works well with a Q-Tip to just remove a small portion of your makeup if you have made a mistake.

I found that this remover did not dry my skin out at all. I was really waiting for it to irritate my skin or make it feel tingly, but it didn’t at all. It felt like I was putting cream on!

The remover lifts away waterproof eye makeup pretty easily, as long as you give it a minute. It took my liner right off, and I held the cotton swab on my eye for a moment with remover on it, and it took my mascara right off as well. I found that it needed more time to sit on my eyelashes for the mascara to come off, and when I waited it easily removed my makeup.

I washed my face with water when I was done to get rid of any excess make up, and it was a little scary to see all of that make up gone! So that is really what I look like under there? Ok maybe next time I will leave a bit of mascara on!

Benefit They're Real! Remover
I didn’t find this remover irritated my skin or eyes at all, which makes sense because it is formulated for contact lenses wearers and people with sensitive eyes.

Overall I was pretty happy with this product, but I am not sure it’s is worth the price. Yes I really like it, and I will be sad when my bottle is empty, but there are lots of things I can do with $22, and a jar of Vaseline is only a couple dollars….

Benefit Cosmetics Logo

It does pair perfectly with my Benefit mascara and liner, so I feel like I need all of these products, but at the same time if I had to choose, I would be able to live without the remover.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can purchase it on the Benefit Cosmetics website here, or at Sephora here.

Forever 21 X Barbie Collection Launch



On a completely unserious note, Forever 21 has launched an exclusive collection with Barbie! It’s a totally quirky and fun collection that I love. I desperately need the “I woke up like this” tank. How can you not love this collection? It’s so cute and girly, and it won’t break the bank with items ranging from $11.90 to $29.90. The full collection is below, and it’s shoppable online here.














Elle by RW&CO Dress Collection Launching November 1st


Elle by RW&CO



RW&CO. has partnered with ELLE to release a limited edition capsule collection on November 1st.  I’m excited because I am totally obsessed with dresses, and the whole collection is just that – dresses!

I am totally that girl who is overdressed for everything.  Anytime I’m wondering what to wear, I usually come up with the answer of a dress.  Birthday party?  Dress.  Road trip?  Dress.  Bowling?  Dress.  With cute socks for my bowling shoes to match.

There are 8 dresses in total for the collection, and unfortunately they are totally top secret right now except for one.

Only one image has been released which is a preview image for the collection with a great crocheted dress.

The collection promises to offer silhouettes that flatter all body types, and the fabrics will be ultra luxe and double layered to maintain their shape.

The price point will be between $149.90 to $169.00.

For more details, check out the RW&CO website here, and once the dresses are launched i’ll post them as well!




Photo courtesy of RW&CO.