Real Dad’s Don’t Babysit, Do They?




As a Mom there are definitely more than a few more things that seem to land under my job description compared to my son’s Father. That being said, our job to raise our son is equal. Sure I am the one who shops for my sons clothing, I am usually the one who makes all of the meals (conveniently because my husband burns everything – smart way to take yourself out of the equation), and I take our son on most of his playdates since they tend to be with the children of my girlfriends. When it comes to everything else like teaching him how to ice skate, dropping him off or picking him up from school, or our new venture of potty training, my husband and I split these tasks down the middle.

So why is it that when I have a dentist appointment after work, I ask my husband if he can babysit? It just sort of pops out of my mouth without me thinking. Babysitting to me implies that someone like a grandparent or relative is filling in or watching your child when you can’t, but that really isn’t what I am asking my husband to do. I am really just letting him know I won’t be home and he’s on his own. He isn’t taking over my role – he’s just doing his own alone.

My husband hates it when I slip up and call it babysitting. It offends him, and says me not being home does not mean he is babysitting – he is doing his job.

He’s totally right. From day one he has been very involved with everything when it came to our son. Every feeding I did for the first three weeks after my son was born my husband would come with me just to keep me company. When he went back to work after those three weeks he would still sporadically pop in for a 3am feeding to check on us. He couldn’t exactly help me out with the feeding, but he wanted to be there to help me with anything I needed. His favourite line is always “what can I do to help?” when I am turning around in circles in the kitchen trying to get my life together.

So why is it when I want to take my son to the zoo on the weekend I ask him if he want’s to come instead of planning it with him? This also drives him crazy. It’s like I have this idea burned into my brain that my job is to do everything, and if he can help out or come along it’s a bonus.

What I think I have figured out is that from the time I became pregnant things already weren’t split between us 50\50. I had to carry a small little human inside of me for 9 months, and don’t think for a second I let him forget it. I gave up some of my favourite things to eat and drink for the sake of our son’s health, and then there was the whole giving birth thing, and as soon as that was all over I had to breast feed.

A part of me must have decided from the beginning that this whole parenting thing was mostly up to me since I was already doing more than my share of work.

What I need to do is get that chip off my shoulder. My husband does everything right – as long as he’s not working he goes to every birthday party with me because he says he wants to help me out, he may not cook for the family but he does all of the dishes, he often packs our son’s breakfast snack for school (we have been in a competition to see who’s snack our son likes better), and he steps up do some of my usual responsibilities when I can’t.

It’s not fair to think that everything is my responsibility when he has quite a bit himself, and what he doesn’t do is likely because I am the one who wants to do it! The least I can do is put myself in his shoes and treat him like the equal partner he is and consider the way he feels when I ask him to “babysit” or make plans and invite him later. I know I would be more than a little upset if he did the same to me. I know Mom’s have a lot put on their shoulders, and often it seems like it’s too much, but when I sit back and think about it most of what I have on my shoulders I may have decided to take on myself because I wanted to.

Review of wet n wild’s Cover All Correcting Palette

Review of wet n wild's Cover All Correcting Palette



I’ve really been intrigued by the trend of contouring and highlighting with makeup. I’ve wanted to try it myself for a long time, but those palettes are hard to find! I was actually on a waiting list for quite a while for one particular palette from Sephora, and I still haven’t made it to the front of the line.

Luckily I was chosen to test out wet n wild’s new Cover All Correcting Palette before it launches this February 2015. The palette includes a circle of concealers to balance imperfections. There is a yellow concealer to cover under eye circles or bruising, a purple concealer to normalize skin and cover any overly yellow spots on your skin. The green concealer is a neutralizer to cover blemishes or any red spots, and finally what I was super excited about – the white highlighter!



Review of wet n wild's Cover All Correcting Palette



The suggested retail price of the Cover All Correcting Palette is only $4.99 which is unbelievable considering what amazingness this palette will bring to your life!

To apply the concealer I used wet n wild’s foundation brush called Build a Foundation (suggested retail $3.99) because I liked the way I could paint the concealer on my problem spots. Not a lot of concealer was needed to cover my trouble spots which was nice. Very little would conceal my under-eye circles, which is one of my major trouble spots. I tend to have a bit of redness at the sides of my nose, so I used the green neutralizer to lessen the redness. I haven’t needed to use the yellow cover concealer yet.

The highlighter is awesome!

I used it down the middle of my nose to try and make the illusion that it was straighter, and on my chin to accentuate it and make my lips look bigger. I added more highlighting above my lip to also make the illusion that my lips were larger, and on my forehead to flatter and help bring dimension to it. Finally I added a highlighting line on my cheekbones to accentuate them. I blended in the highlighter with the wet n wild foundation brush and a pressed powder, and voila! I really think the highlighter can be very flattering, and changed the look of my face.



Review of wet n wild's Cover All Correcting Palette



Review of wet n wild's Cover All Correcting Palette



This Cover All Correcting Palette is a new essential in my makeup bag. I feel like any facial trauma I wake up to can be remedied with this palette. Late nights, breakouts, sun damage, or other skin issues can be temporarily erased with this awesome palette.



Review of wet n wild's Cover All Correcting Palette



Look for the wet n wild Cover All Correcting Palette to launch this February 2015 at your local make up retailer!



Making a Statement with Sequinned Pants




If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I was pretty excited about purchasing an amazing pair of sequinned track pants while I was in NYC.

I purchased them at Forever 21, and they were a steal at $29.99 USD. They were a no-brainier decision for me. Hello – sequins AND they are track pants? If that’s not a must-have, I don’t know what is.





Where would you wear sequinned track pants you might ask? I wore them out to dinner with my husband and they were a pretty big hit since I was asked three times where my pants came from that night by people who randomly came up to me.






They are so comfortable I actually just wore them lounging around my house when I felt like looking fabulous while watching TV. They are a great way to put yourself in a good mood. Who could be in a bad mood when they are covered in gold sequins?

These pants I’m wearing have sold out already, but I’ve rounded up a few of my other favourite sequin pants you can find online right now.



H&M Sequin Pants



Pinko Black Leggings

Pinko Black Leggings



Lotus Instyle Faux Leather Leggings with Sequins

Lotus Instyle Faux Leather with Sequins



CJ by Cookie Johnson  Prominent Sequined Ankle Pants

CJ by Cookie Johnson Prominent Sequinned Ankle Pants



Trouvé Sequin Track Pants

Trouvé Sequin Track Pants



My Weekend with Rimowa Salsa Air Luggage

Rimowa luggage review sparkleshinylove



Tragically, this year my suitcase finally kicked the bucket. It lasted 9 torturous years with me trying to shove as many shoes as possible into it until it was bursting at the seams.

I’m actually surprised it lasted this long considering all of the times different airlines said it was waaaay overweight, the way it got knocked around by baggage handlers, and the fact it travelled to 16 countries.

I spent the weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake for a wine tour with friends, and I was lucky enough to try out a new piece of luggage – the Rimowa Salsa Air.



Rimowa luggage review sparkleshinylove



I’d say this luggage was a big step up from the flowery (but greatly loved) canvas suitcase I previously owned.



Rimowa luggage review sparkleshinylove



Girls never travel light, so the fact that this suitcase seemed almost weightless was helpful since I was ready to test it’s limits.

The wheels maneuvered in all directions so it was easy to pull behind me. Once I packed it full of the necessities, it still maneuvered just as easily and the weight had no bearing on the wheels. The Salsa Air line is the lightest of the Rimowa luggage family.



Rimowa Salsa Air Navy


The suicase also had a TSA lock integrated into the design so it could be opened without being damaged during security checks.

This suitcase is made of polycarbonate, which is practically indestructible! This is important – have you seen how your luggage gets handled at the airport? It’s not pretty. Hence why my favourite luggage had to be put down – it actually came back to me with a corner missing. You could almost see what was inside! Anyway, not only is this Rimowa suitcase durable, but it’s also very flexible. This means it will yield to pressure, but will pop back into its original form once the pressure is gone. Fancy stuff!

There is a 5-year guarantee on Rimowa’s travel and business luggage as well for any material or manufacturing fault.

There are some pretty fun luggage colours in the Salsa Air line as well! Black luggage is like a black dress – it looks good and often blends in, but if you really want to stand out then color is the way to go! I always choose color, and I think my favourite of the Salsa Air line is purple.



Rimowa Salsa Air Purple



Overall I loved this luggage! There was a netting inside the suitcase that kept everything in it’s place, and it kept things very organized. The suitcase was lightweight, easy to manuver, and seemed to be indestructible.



Rimowa Salsa Air Interior



It definitely helped that it was a sleek suitcase that looked great too.

To learn more about the Rimowa Salsa Air, click here.

To learn more about everything that Rimowa has to offer, click here.

Oh, and by the way our wine tour weekend was a blast! The photos in this post with me in them are from Vineland Estates Winery, which I highly recommend.