14 Days with the Purgo Teatox System

Purgo Teatox Review



I had never done a cleanse or detox before, so this was a totally new experience for me!

When I had the chance to try a detox with Purgo Tea, I thought I would jump at the chance and see how it went.

The Purgo Teatox System is a cleanse that boosts your metabolism and reduces bloating.

A girl like me who loves her Taco Bell and McDonalds could probably use a good detox.

What I liked about the Purgo 14 Day Teatox was that there were no harsh laxatives or fasting. The last thing I wanted to do was be in the bathroom all day.



Purgo Teatox review



Each morning I would have a tea, and every other evening I would have a tea at night. It just sort of became part of my routine for two weeks, amd it was easy to work into my day.

The Morning Detox Tea helps to boost your metabolism. It helps burn calories and gives you sustained energy through the day while the Evening Cleanse Tea works with your digestive tract to help remove toxins and purge impurities leaving you in a more balanced state.

This detox really wasn’t a big change to my life for two weeks which was great, and I actually liked the tea! I definitely had less bloating (and I am pretty much always bloated or feel like I am), and the morning tea seemed to give me more energy! I really liked it, amd I would absolutely try it again. It was a very gentle way to detox.



Purgo Teatox review



You can buy the system online here!

For more details visit www.PurgoTea.com.



Disclaimer: This item was provided to me for review, but all opinions are fabulously my own.


Mandy Furnis



Life with Huggies Little Movers Plus



Well, we are almost there. My son is almost fully potty trained! It’s been a long road, but a couple weeks ago something just clicked. He really seemed to understand what we have been asking him to do and trying to teach him for all of these months, and he’s really caught on.

Our son is still wearing a diaper for the moment since when he has an accident it’s pretty tragic in his eyes and it’s hard to console him, but in the end we will get there very very soon. I am so glad we didn’t push him too hard and we let him figure it out in his own time.

What makes me sad about this? I finally found a diaper I really liked putting him in! I can’t believe now that he is almost potty trained we won’t be using diapers soon anymore.

I previously shared a video on the blog of my son and the launch of Huggies Little Mover’s Plus from Costco. Love these diapers! It actually helped a lot with potty training because when my son would remove and put his diaper back on after using the potty he would look for the purple grip strips so he could put his diaper back on.





They are super absorbent, and nice and cozy for him to sleep in. We use the Huggies Little Movers Plus because our toddler is always on the move. Whether he is at soccer, skating, running, dancing, or squirming around in the mud, he rarely sits still.

The Gentle Absorb Liner adds that extra layer of protection when you are in one of those places you actually can’t change a diaper – like when they jump into a play place ball pit and refuse to come out for hours! The DryTouch Liner makes it one Huggies most absorbant diapers.



Huggies Little Movers Plus sparkleshinylove



Huggies Little Movers Plus are exclusively available at Costco in sizes 1-6.

For more information, head over to the Huggies Little Movers Plus site here.



Disclosure: I am part of the Huggies Ambassador Campaign with Influence Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Mandy Furnis


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RapidLash Results

RapidLash Review



I can’t think of a product I’ve been more impressed with that I’ve reviewed on the blog.

RapidLash is a game changer. The results were so noticeable I couldn’t believe it!

A couple months ago I blogged about being a part of a new campaign where I would try out RapidLash, and then later share my results.



RapidLash Review sparkleshinylove


It’s time to share, and I really can’t say enough good things about this product. This stuff really works!

Every night before bed I would remove my mascara (now that is dedication – some of you know that I am not very consistant with makeup removal!) and I applied RapidLash to my lashes.

It’s ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, safe for contact lens wearers, free of fragrance and paraben’s, and is not tested on animals.

It’s only to be applied once a day and results for lashes can occur in just 4-6 weeks. It contains something called Hextein 1 Complex which works to strengthen, lengthen, hydrate, nourish and simulate lash and brow hair.

I found my own RapidLash at Shoppers Drug Mart, front and centre at the Beauty Boutique, and it retails for approximately $59.99 CDN.

I really didn’t expect to see the results that I did. At first I noticed my lashes felt much more conditioned. They were very soft, and I was happy with that.



RapidLash Review sparkleshinylove



The more I used RapidLash, I started to see some serious results. Baby lashes I had in the corner of my eye grew longer. More and more lashes started either popping up, or grew longer. Slowly my lashes started to grow longer, fuller and stronger.

I was so impressed with this product I don’t see how I’m going to live without it. If you could sign me up for an ongoing supply mailed to my door I would be on board.

After using RapidLash for a couple months I don’t even need a refill yet which is great.

Overall I would absolutely purchase this product again, and I will! I really loved the results, and the look of my lashes.

Here is my before and after. It really doesn’t do it justice – my lashes are so much better than they were before RapidLash.



RapidLash Review



For more information on RapidLash, visit their website here.



Disclosure: I am part of the RapidLash campaign with Influence Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Mandy Furnis


Summer Rompers for $30 and under

Cute Rompers for under $30



When I saw this romper I couldn’t pass it up, not only because I loved the print, but also because I loved the price! At only $19.99 from H&M, how could I not buy it?

I really liked the fit, amd sometimes rompers can be a difficult thing to buy. Once I find one that fits me I usually purchase it. So many are too short on me, or the waist doesn’t hit me in the right spot. It’s one thing that I would need to try on, and because of my body type I’m not sure if I could buy a romper for myself online.


Cute Rompers for under $30


Cute Rompers for under $30


Cute Rompers for under $30



It’s so much easier to spend $20 or $30 on a summer outfit than a winter one. It’s rare to find a great sweater for that cheap (or it’s just pure luck), so it’s nice to not have to spend a lot for a cute summer trend.

Here are a few more cute rompers for under $30 below!



Forever 21 tie dye Surplace romper

Forever 21 Tie Die Surplace Romper $29.99


Forever21 striped lace up Cami romper

Forever 21 Striped Lace Up Cami Romper



Dynamite halter romper

Dynamite Halter Romper $25.00


Dynamite romper with lace cutouts

Dynamite Romper with Lace Cutouts $28.00



Angie Paisley Print Romper

Angie Paisley Print Romper $26.21



Lulu's Delicate Dusk Romper

Lulu’s Delicate Dusk Romper $29.00



Zara Printed Jumpsuit

Zara Printed Jumpsuit $19.99



Mandy Furnis



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