5 Things You Should Know About Monster Jam!

5 Things You Need to Know About Monster Jam!



Having a boy has exposed me to a whole new world filled with weekends reading books about trucks, playing trucks on the floor, and talking about trucks. I spend many of our car rides looking for cool trucks to point out to my son so he gets a glimpse at one of his favourite things.

I had never been to Monster Jam before, but my son was incredibly excited to go so it was really a no brainer. I have to admit – it was pretty fun!

I know it sounds obvious, but the trucks were HUGE! I had never seen one in person before, so I was surprised how massive they were!


5 Things You Need to Know About Monster Jam!


5 Things You Need to Know About Monster Jam!


5 Things You Need to Know About Monster Jam!




We had a really great time, and if you are thinking about going to one of the upcoming shows, here are a few things you should know!

1. Ear plugs are a must! The show is extremely loud, so we bought some great ear protectors for my son at Walmart for $20, and we also heard that Princess Auto had them as well. Even when I was in the bathroom I had to keep my earplugs in – it’s that loud. Definitely bring some sort of ear protection with you.

2. There is a lot of enticing merchandise for kids at the show. They even have what looks like monster truck tire ear muffs at the show, but please note these are not actually ear protection – they are just for fun (thanks Steph for pointing that out to me!). There is everything from t-shirts, to snowcones in collectors cups, to toy monster trucks that all of the kids were going crazy for.

3. Monster Jam is not just for boys! As I said, I actually had a great time! It was really entertaining. There was a lot of action happening at once, and it was fun to watch. The girls in the crowd were going crazy for the lone female driver on the course.

4. There is a Pit Party before the main event. We missed out on tickets this year (they were sold out when we tried to get our hands on them), but we have heard it’s really fun and a great way to get up close to all of the featured trucks. Families can see the trucks up close and check out the track before the show. Buy early or you will miss out like we did. Normally the Pit Party is a few hours before the show, with a two hour break in between the Pit Party and show start.

5. Worried about a smaller child sitting through the show? If you have a small child or one that has a short attention span, note that the show is approximately 2.5 hours with an intermission. If you are worried about the length of the show, it’s good to know the first half is where all of the monster truck racing happens, and the second half is just for the monster trucks to do a freestyle of the course. If you are concerned about your child sitting through the whole show, you could just pick the half you would rather see and still have an amazing experience.







Monster Jam is likely coming to a city near you, so make sure to check out the show and see when you can attend it yourself!

For more information about Monster Jam, visit their website here!



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