Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes

Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes


I hate it when you buy an eyeshadow palette and there are colours you absolutely won’t use in it! Then when you run out of the colours you like, you end up throwing out makeup that is unused, or you end up using those colours you didn’t like in the first place because they are all you are left with.

I made in to the bottom of my last palette so I went looking for a new one this week. What I chose was Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes palette.

The kit includes Boi-ing Concealer which I have never used before. I was a little worried this would be the one thing I wouldn’t use, but I’m obsessed with it! The concealer blends perfectly, and it stays on all day. Normally I need to do a touch up towards the end of the day, but the Boi-ing doesn’t budge. I need a whole bottle of this stuff!

Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes


There’s an alabaster pink eye shadow (which is a little shimmery) for highlighting or applying as a base. It’s a very natural colour, and the shimmer is only slight so it can be worn easily during the day.

For the crease of the eye there is a very natural cocoa eye shadow that is very complimentary. Just using the Boi-ing, the alabaster pink shadow, and the cocoa eyeshadow is perfect for day wear! The final shadow colour is a deep brown shadow, and I use this for a bit of depth to the outer corner of my eyes when I’m going out for dinner or drinks. It’s a little dark for daytime use.

Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes


I am pretty obsessed with this palette right now! If Benefit ever stops making it I will first throw a temper-tantrum, then buy a whole bunch of them on Ebay while I can, and then I will buy all of these shadows and the Boi-ing separately and make my own palette!

If you are looking for a natural eye palette, I recommend this one for sure! It retails for $32.99.


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