Benefit’s They’re Real Push-up Liner




Over the weekend I tried out Benefit’s They’re Real Push-up Liner. I previously posted about Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara, and I was very impressed with it. I have probably purchased four of them since I posted about it, because I’m pretty obsessed with it! I seriously can’t live without it.

The liner was only released this weekend, and I was really excited to try it. I’m used to buying cheap pencil liners, or gel pots for around $10-$12 so it was a splurge to pay $29 CDN.

The tube distributes the liner by twisting the bottom so it comes up the AccuFlex Tip. The tip bends in the direction to pressure, which made it very easy to keep close to my lash line. The tip was really neat!






I found it to be very very easy to apply. Prior to this I was using a gel liner in a pot with a brush, so this was so much better. The tip gives you a lot of control so you can do a very thin line, or easily layer it to thicken the line.

I found that this stuff dries very quickly, so if you make a mistake you need to clean it up right away. Once I finished using the liner, it was there to stay. I had to use make up remover to get this stuff off. Even in the shower this liner wouldn’t come off. I would definitely say that this stuff is waterproof!






The one thing I don’t like about the liner is there is no way to tell if you are running out. I found that sometimes I would have to twist a few times before the liner refilled, and that made me worried it was already empty. Once it’s actually empty I’m sure it will be at the worst possible moment when I have only done one eye and I need to go out. It will be frustrating to not know when it’s close to being empty.

Otherwise I am a big fan of this liner! I’ve never had one so accurate before. I like that it didn’t smudge at all and seemed to have wearability all day. The only other frustrating thing about this great liner is that it’s another essential I feel like my makeup bag can’t live without, and it’s not cheap!

You can learn more about Benefit’s They’re Real Push-up Liner here!


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