Blogs I Love! Yes Cheating On Me Is Allowed (Sometimes)



Obviously I want you to keep and touch and read my blog, but there are some really awesome blogs out there that I love to check out every week to see what they are posting next, and I think you should check them out as well!

So what I am saying is it’s totally ok to cheat on me with other blogs, but I they have to be super fabulous like the ones I am recommending because they are full of amazing food, fashion, beauty and just general goodness.

There are a million blogs out there, and I have found the best way to keep up with the ones I love is by using a website called This way you don’t need to follow each bog individually, but instead you can follow them on this site in a very organized way by seeing their new posts in a feed (sort of the way Facebook’s news feed works).

All of these blogs inspired me to start writing my own almost one year ago (my one year anniversary is coming up soon!), and they often tempt me to quit my real-life job so I can have lot’s more time writing about what I love like these ladies do.

Hope you enjoy my favourites!



Cupcakes and Cashmere



This blog has a little bit of everything, and Emily has even launched a book about style, décor and entertaining. Holy multitasker!



Veronicka’s Blushing




Veronika’s from Houston and has been blogging since 2009 about outfits, beauty products, home décor, DIY projects, and mom stuff. I really like some of her outfit and décor tips!



Pink Peonies




This blog is fabulous for fashion! Rachel is from Salt Lake City, Utah, and writes all about fashion and shopping.



A Beautiful Mess



This blog is run by a team of sisters who own a lifestyle company. There are lots of décor projects, recipes, and crafts. The girls are based in Missouri, and they have released two books and an app!



Sincerely, Jules




She leads a pretty fabulous life, and her Instagram account is especially fun to follow too. Fashion, shopping, and jet-setting!



Peace, Love, Shea



Shea Marie is a model who lives in Hollywood and also works as a stylist, TV host and designer. She travel’s all over the world and documents her day to day life, along with lots of fashion and beauty advice.


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