DIY Kids Valentine’s Day Treat Bags




At my son’s school the parents are on point. Every holiday includes some sort of personalized gift for each child in the class. Even when it’s their child’s birthday, the parents give toys or gift bags to all of the other children in the class. With Valentine’s Day coming I thought I would get ahead of the game and figure out what I would be giving 20 children who have creative parents.

I decided to make my own treat bags for Valentine’s Day which my son could give to his friends, and possibly make him proud of his creative Mom at the same time! Ok he’s probably not going to notice my effort, but I’ll be sure to bring it up when he’s older to guilt-trip him when he’s behaving badly.

The universal toddler snack seems to be Goldfish, so I used them a couple ways in packaging a cute treat.

I started out with a roll of red ribbon, a stack of foam Valentine’s Day hearts from Dollarama, and a set of cellophane bags from Michaels. The materials for this one (since I had a Michaels coupon) so far were $8.00.






Next up I cut smaller hearts and wrote messages to go into the treat bags. For the bags with just Goldfish I wrote “I’m glad you’re in my school”. Get it? School of fish? It’s cheesy, but it makes me laugh.






On the other ones I wrote “I dig you” and added a shovel to the gift bag. I found toy shovels at Dollarama as well to keep this project at a low budget.





That’s it! A super easy project, and I get points for creativity. The hardest part will be explaining to my son that he needs to actually give away these treats!




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