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The second I get home from an event, party, or even just from a day at work I get out of my heels and outfit and get straight into track pants and a sweatshirt. My selection of comfy clothing far exceeds the number of presentable outfits I own. I am all about wearing comfy slouchy clothes whenever I can.

This is why I love the sweatshirt trend! Finally I can wear a sweatshirt out to dinner or with a skirt and it actually looks like I am put together and not a slob!

Whether the sweatshirt just has a great pattern, or has embellishment or leather details like the Wilfred Free sweatshirt I am wearing in the photo above (sorry it’s sold out!), sweatshirts are looking less like lounge wear and more like a fashion statement. Finally something we can wear that not only looks good, but is super comfortable.

H&M has a great selection right now of what I will call “fancy” sweatshirts, like this pink one I picked up last week with embroidery detail for $24.95. It is so comfortable!

Here are a few of my other favourites that are shoppable online right now!






eLUXE Generation Love Emma Top

eLUXE Generation Love Top



Forever 21 Pullover




Forever 21 Quilted Knit Sweatshirt



Mango -Neoprene-effect-sweatshirt

Mango Neoprene-effect Sweatshirt



Mango floral print sweatshirt

Mango Floral Print Sweatshirt




Dynamite Metallic Sweatshirt




Asos Only Tartan Sweatshirt




Asos Sisley Sweatshirt




Pepe Jeans Crochet Sweatshirt


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