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Messy Knotted Bun with Braided Band


Usually around this time of year I tone my hair colour down to something warmer, I start to use more product because I’m noticing it’s getting full of static, and I’m feeling a little bored with my style in general. I usually keep my hair long, so something drastic like cutting it is out of the question, but if feel like I need to do so something more for my everyday style. I think because summer hair is so simple for me is why in the fall I start to feel this boredom – in the summer my everyday hair is either straight, in beachy waves, or tied up tight on top of my head when it’s hot outside.

I love to experiment with braids, and I’ve included some of my favourites below!

Although it would be lovely to have as much gorgeous hair as this girl has, this side braid would also look great for anyone with a medium length hair and longer! Wonder Forest includes photos and instructions on how to achieve this braid at the link below.




Bohemian Side Braid




I love a good top knot when I just don’t feel like dealing doing my hair. For some reason I feel like the higher my knot is, the dressier it is! My new go-to has been this messy knotted bun with a braided band. It just looks a bit more romantic for fall with a cozy sweater!



Messy Knotted Bun with Braided Band

Messy Knotted Bun with Braided Band




The crown braid is the hardest for me for some reason. The steps don’t look very complicated, but if feel like it all ends up looking like a mess in the end. Event when messy, it still looks pretty cool. Hopefully you have better luck!




Blushing Basics Crown Braid




Twist Me Pretty has an awesome step-by-step guide to doing a celtic knot. This one took me lots of tries, and I had to look at the photos over and over. Once I was done I was pretty impressed with myself.




Celtic Knot




Every week I use a headband braid just because it’s such an easy way to wear your hair down but look like you tried to put some effort into it. Missy Sue explains four different ways to master a different version of the headband braid at the link below.




Headband Braids


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