Exciting News + My Favourite Pineapple Finds

Best Amazon Pineapple Decor sparkleshinylove



I’m so excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Amazon.ca for the rest of 2017! This is exciting for me because I’m more than a little obsessed with Amazon.ca. I’m a Prime Member so whenever I need something to arrive at my door right away, I hop onto Amazon.ca to get what I need fast!

What I also love about Amazon.ca is that they have everything. Literally anything you could think of is there at an amazing price. Being a part of the Amazon Associates Program means I’ll be sharing my favourite picks from Amazon.ca, plus I’ll be giving YOU the inside scoop on upcoming deals before they launch!



Amazon Associates program sparkleshinylove



I buy everything from my favourite beauty products from Amazon.ca, to clothing, shoes, and even toilet scrubbers! I kid you not, my favourite toilet scrubber refill seems to only be on Amazon.ca so I order it online every time!

Some of my favourite blogging products have been purchased online from Amazon.ca as well like this lighting kit that has been amazing for my photos.

One of my favourite things to buy on Amazon.ca are additions to my collection of pineapples! You know I’m pineapple obsessed, and some of my favourite finds and an amazing price can be found on Amazon.ca!

Check out some of my new favourites below – I’m always adding to my collection, and some of these cute finds are a steal!


Best Amazon Pineapple Decor sparkleshinylove



1. Pineapple Earrings // 2. Pineapple Pillow // 3. Pineapple Bottle Opener // 4. Pineapple Cork Stopper // 5. Pineapple Key Chain // 6. Pineapple Shot Glasses // 7. Pineapple Float // 8. Pineapple Towel // 9. Ceramic Pineapple // 10. Pineapple Tote



On Friday I’ll be sharing some of my favourites from Amazon.ca‘s upcoming Prime Day on July 10th! I’ll have an inside scoop on the sales so you won’t want to miss this!










Xoxo Mandy

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