The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now + Looking Back at The Hills Aftershow!

The Hills Aftershow


To say I loved watching The Hills is a bit of an understatement. I was pretty invested in the show – so much so that I was actually a part of The Hills Aftershow as an Aftershow Friend!

I also loved watching The City – a spinoff of The Hills, and was a friend on that Aftershow as well.



The Hills Aftershow





I was so excited to hear that The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now will air on Tuesday, August 2 at 9:00pm on MTV!





I really can’t wait to see the special since I was a serious fan of the show. Recently I was asked for a couple clips of me being on the show for something completely different, and I thought why not spend a moment looking back at my own time with The Hills Aftershow?

First thing I noticed – why did I decided that pencil thin eyebrows were a good idea?

Second thought – what was I wearing? I don’t think I had one great outfit happening in any of these photos and clips. Oh well, I guess it could be worse? Tell me it could be worse please!



The Hills Aftershow



How did I even end up on The Aftershow? Late one night after watching the show, MTV played a clip asking anyone who was interested in being a friend to email in for the chance to audition.

I heard back and was asked to come in to the MTV studios in Toronto, and the audition ended up being really casual and laid back. It was more of a group discussion where a few of us were chosen to be on the show. I was lucky and actually was on the show the next day!



The Hills Aftershow



The Hills Aftershow



Being on the show was so fun! Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank were so incredibly nice to all of us. We would arrive before the show and watch the episode before it aired on TV so we would have a good idea of the topics we would cover. The version of the show we saw had no music, and it made the dubbing in the episode a lot more obvious! So many conversations needed one of the characters to re-record what they said when they were in a loud bar, or just to connect the editing it seemed.

We all had our makeup touched up and chatted in the greenroom before we heading upstairs for the show each week.



The Hills Aftershow



The episode would air on MTV and in the studio while we all sat on the stage, and Dan and Jessie would film short promo’s during the commercial breaks with the audience.



The Hills Aftershow


Showtime was actually less scary then you would imagine. The topic was easy – it was a show I had just watched (twice), and it was one I liked, so stating my opinion wasn’t all that nerve-wracking.

Dan and Jessi would take turns asking questions to us, and when we had something to say we would just start chatting.



The Hills Aftershow


I spent a couple years as an Aftershow friend for The Hills, The City, and even a daily Aftershow that ran for a while on MTV.

I was lucky enough to meet Whitney Port, Stephanie Pratt, and Lauren Conrad twice including for her last appearance on the show.

All of them were so nice! Stephanie was actually the most outgoing with us and invited us into her private greenroom to hang out. She even asked us to hang out after the show – she was super sweet!

It’s going to be fun to catch up with all of the show’s characters next week and see where they are now.

Did you watch The Hills? If you were a fan like me let me know in the comments below!





Xoxo Mandy



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