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Keeping things natural is a trend for some people, but some people really live by their principals when it comes to beauty products.

When I’m chooseing between two similar products, I personally like to pick the one that is animal cruelty free, and usually cost plays a factor as well.

The bonus is when those products I choose actually work!

I spent a week pampering myself with some really great Kiss My Face products that were sent to me, and it ended up being a great week with some great new finds.

First up I tried the Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo. The smell was Green Tea and Lime, and it was a super strong scent! I’ve never had a shampoo with such a strong scent before. I’m the kind of girl who loves to layer scented body creams, body spray and perfume, so I liked that the scent from this shampoo filled up my bathroom.

I also tried the Big Body Shampoo, and that’s something my hair could definitely use. My hair is very fine which didn’t use to bother me because I loved having my hair as straight as possible, but lately I’ve wanted more volume.

Again the scent was very strong (this time Lavender and Chamomile), and this scent lasted in my hair the next day. The shampoo did add some body to my hair, and my hair was also left very soft. Works for me!

Kiss My Face hair care products are formulated with Argan Oil, which adds moisture and shine to your hair. It also helps retain moisture and improves elasticity to help prevent breakage.





Kiss my face sparkleshinylove





If you know me, you know that I have a slight lipgloss addiction. I usually have three or four on me at one time, and I’m not exaggerating.

I also have quite a few allergies, so I have a few issues with lip glosses that have anything but natural ingredients in them.

I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like the Kiss My Face Organic Passion Fruit Lip Balm because I am more into lip glosses than lip balms.

I always find that lip balm’s don’t give me enough moisture.

This one passed the test though – it gave off a lot of moisture and didn’t dry out my lips. I was really surprised – I truly didn’t expect to like it.





Kiss my face review sparkleshinylove





The lip balm is also gluten free, has no artificial fragrances or flavours, no parabins and no Phthalates. It has now officially joined my other four lip glosses in my purse.



My test for the Kiss My Face Active Life Stick Sport deodorant was a Pilates class, and a soccer game. I’m for sure a sweaty gal on a good day, so I pretty much re-apply deodorant all day long. I’m a bit obsessive about it really!

I got through both my Pilates class and the soccer game without smelling badly, so that was a good thing. I am honestly not sure how long this deoderant would last without re-applying because I couldn’t break the habit of putting more on every couple of hours. Clearly I have not only a lip gloss addiction, but also a deoderant addiction, so if I’m going to overindulge at least it’s with all-natural products.



Kiss my face review sparkleshinylove


As for the soap, I sort of ended up losing that to my husband! He said he liked it a lot, and it smelled good, but as for a description that’s about all he gave me. It was good (his words), and it smelled good, so he was happy. Guys are so simple.









Kiss My Face is a cruelty-free company, and never tests on animals. All of their products are paraben-free, phthalate-free, SLS free, and are free from dyes and synthetic colors.

They are also very affordable products!

To learn more about Kiss My Face and their products, check out their website here!



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