Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Idea from Lampe Berger

Last minute Mother's Day gift from Lampe berger sparkleshinylove



Have you already picked up a Mother’s Day present for this Sunday?

As a Brand Ambassador for Lampe Berger, I was able to try out something this week which would be a great last minute gift for Mother’s Day!

I am a big fan of Lampe Berger (I wouldn’t agree to be a Brand Ambassador if I wasn’t!), and I really love this great limited edition kit – the Gift Set Plissée Transparent.


Mother's Day Lampe berger last minute gift sparkleshinylove



It has the prettiest lamp! It looks like a pretty perfume bottle!

This kit also comes with the burner, and 180ml of their limited edition home fragrance Sensual Bouquet! It has a pretty floral scent that is perfect for spring.

This is my new favourite lamp, and like I said it’s limited edition, so if you or someone you know (like Mom) loves Lampe Berger, you will want to pick this up!

You can see more on the kit online here.

Happy Mother’s Day – have a great weekend!



Mandy Furnis




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