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Modern Mary review sparkleshinylove


I’ve always been a fan or pretty things, but it’s rare when one of those pretty things actually makes my life as a mother easier.

I’ve always found that items I need as a Mom tend to look, well…like a Mom would carry them. Diaper bags, wipes containers, lunch bags – many of these items tend to be covered in childish patterns or scream “this is wipeable if it gets spit up on”.

I’ve consciously tried to find things along the way that are made to make my life easier, but are camouflaged to not scream “Mom”. Why can’t things be stylish and functional at the same time?

Modern Mary is a Canadian luxury brand focused on designing and creating beautiful clutch purses. The fabulous part about them is that they are insulated – they can keep baby food or lunches cool or warm for up to 4-6 hours!

I LOVED the idea of the Modern Mary clutches, and couldn’t wait to try one out myself.

Even just the bag alone had me sold. Leather is a staple of the Modern Mary design, and my favourite of the Spring Summer 2015 Collection is the Croc-Grande.


Modern Mary Review sparkleshinylove



Modern Mary Review sparkleshinylove mandy furnis


Modern Mary sent me this bag to give a whirl, and I am pretty happy they are letting me keep it because not only do I like it, but now I need it!

The bags are made with genuine leather, and have a fully insulated interior which is washable, and has a removable utensil pouch.

The clutch comes with a dust bag, which can double as a water resisted bag that dirty dishes can be stored in when you are using the clutch.



Modern mary review sparkleshinylove 3



Modern Mary Review sparkleshinylove



My first time testing out the bag was actually for a lunch out with a girlfriend. The clutch is really spacious, and I could fit everything I needed in it. It looks just like a regular on-trend clutch that I love carrying around.


Modern mary review sparkleshinylove 2



The bigger test was to give it a try when I needed it the most – when I was out for a day with my toddler. We attended a wedding this past weekend, and I was really stressed about having my son at a wedding ceremony, in the wedding photos, and for dinner.

The one thing that keeps my son busy has always been snacks, so I was going to put this new bag to use!


Modern mary review sparkleshinylove 1



Not only did the new bag look great with my outfit, but it worked great for the wedding! I was able to keep a Cheese String, Yogurt, spoon, a drink box, and other snacks all cool for hours. This bag really does work! I also had room for my own gear as well which was great.



Modern mary review sparkleshinylove 4


The utensil pouch was great for keeping that spoon away from everything else I wanted to keep clean, and at the end of the night (ok, I was tired, it was the next day) I wiped off the utensil holder easily with warm soapy water.

Modern Mary has got the right idea – some women still want luxury even when it comes to products they need for everyday life with their children. Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself, and it’s such a bonus when that item serves a purpose and is practical as well.

Modern Mary is newly launched for 2015, and has two collections right now – the Classics, and the Spring Summer 2015 Collection. Modern Mary offers shipping across North America, but contact them on their website if you are looking for worldwide shipping because they can make it happen.

For more information on Modern Mary visit them here.


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