My Dixie Outlet Mall Shopping Experience for the She Who Hunts Finds Blogger Challenge




It was a rough weekend working on the blog – I had to go shopping! I am not allowed to show you what I got, but I am at least allowed to show you my shopping bags!



Dixie outlet mall she hunts she finds



I gave myself an hour to get to the mall, and made it there in about 50 minutes from Whitby which wasn’t bad!

I had two hours to shop before the mall closed, and I almost didn’t have enough time because I kept getting off track. I knew what I was shopping for, but then I saw so many other things I decided I “needed”.

To prep for the She Hunts She Finds Blogger Challenge, I created a mood board for my outfit inspiration. Before I do a specific outfit shop I always pull images from online or from magazines to remember what sort of theme my outfit should have.



Dixie outlet mall she hunts she finds blogger challenge



As you can see my theme was florals because it’s such a big trend for spring right now. I really wanted to find something very girly.

I made sure I had a comfy outfit on to shop in, and I was on my way!



Dixie outlet mall she hunts she finds blogger challenge



While I was at the mall I had A LOT of store options for where to shop. Tommy Hilfiger, Danier, Aeropostale, Guess, Aldo, Nine West – too many to name, and they were all outlets!

I had $200 to spend as part of challenge, and I really did need that calculator to spend everything I had. From what I purchased, I saved a lot because of all the deals happening at the mall. I can’t wait to share my outfit next week along with my savings.



Dixie outlet mall she hunts she finds blogger challenge


Dixie Outlet Mall is also doing a great contest every Thursday where you have to guess which store an item is from. If you guess correctly you could win that item! Click here to learn more.






Check out the Dixie Outlet Mall website to keep up to date on events happening at the mall, and check back here next week to see my outlet reveal and to see how much I saved!




Mandy Furnis





  1. April 26, 2015 / 6:30 pm

    I saw that lash and brow bar sign there too. Excited about that. Hopefully their prices won’t be as high as the benefit brow bars lol! Looks like you found some cool stuff! I had a great time there too and can’t wait to share my outfit 😀 I’ll check back in a week for the outfit you put together 🙂

    • Roxymandy
      April 29, 2015 / 1:00 pm

      I’ll be checking out your outfit as well! I had a great time shopping for my outfit, but I have to go back to get more summer shopping done too! 🙂

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