My Favourite Stylish Winter Boots

Women's TOFINO kettle-waterproof-winter-boots


I’ve never actually owned a real pair of winter boots. I have many pairs of UGGS for cold winter days, but once they get wet they are miserable to wear. This year I thought I could get away with wearing my Hunter boots, but they weren’t keeping my feet warm so I bought these cozy cable knit boot socks instead of splurging on new boots.






They were definitely the most expensive socks I have ever purchased at $49.99, but I thought they would be much cheaper than buying new winter boots.

We have a mini getaway planned soon, and we are planning on spending a lot of time outdoors. I hate being cold, so I am thinking about splurging on new boots just in case my expensive socks don’t cut it. Obviously this has been terrible planning on my part since now I have expensive socks, and I’m probably going to buy boots too. Things like this make my husband crazy I’m sure.

Winter boots are a actually pretty fashionable these days, and even my Mom has cute Dior boots that are so nice I’d wear them in the summer. Ok, I think I’ve talked myself into it – I clearly need winter boots! Here are a few of my favourites that I found while shopping online that I’m considering purchasing (unless my Mom is willing to lend/gift me her Dior ones because she loves me so much).



Women's TOFINO kettle-waterproof-winter-boots

Sorel Women’s TOFINO kettle Waterproof Winter Boots




Sorel Women’s SLIMPACK RIDING Shale Waterproof Boots



ALDO Burket Boots

ALDO Burkett Boots



UGG Adirondack Boot

UGG Adirondack Boot




The North Face Thermoball Water Resistant Boot




Icebug Diana Bugrip Winter Boots




Browns Artica Boots




Women’s Joan of Arctic Winter Boots



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