My Review of the Miracle 10 Skincare System

Miracle10 Skincare Review sparkleshinylove



I wrote a few weeks ago about my visit to the Miracle 10 boutique, and that I would be trying out their skincare line to see what sort of results I would see.

Please note there will be some “interesting” photos of myself – without makeup! I don’t usually like posting photo’s without makeup, but I thought it would be important to show you before and after shots of my skin after using these products.



Miracle10 skincare review sparkleshinylove



After leaving the Miracle 10 boutique, I was excited to try this skincare line out. I had never used so many products as part of my daily routine before, but I was determined to give the line a chance by following all of the “rules” of usage.

Luckily everything came with a personalized two-page cheat sheet with details as to how and when I would apply each product. Having details written down tailored towards my new skincare regimen was so important! I had an easy reference sheet to look back to so I knew what I should be doing in case I forgot.



Miracle10 skincare review



I would start each evening by cleansing my face with the Miracle 10 Cleanser. I learned that a fresh towel should be used to pat the face dry – using the same towel every day could transfer bacteria to my skin, and rubbing my face could cause damage. Already I was learning new things!

The cleanser was very calming, and it didn’t dry out my skin at all. It contained Aloe and Vitamins C and E as well.

After the cleanser I would use the Miracle 10 Toner. I had never used a toner before in my life. This was to be dabbed on my face with a cotton ball each night.

It left my skin feeling very clean and hydrated. I had never used toner before so this step was very new to me. The toner contained Aloe and Witch Hazel extract.

Next up I was to apply the AHA Cream. This acted as an exfoliator as well. It made my skin tingle a little when applied.

Finally I would lather on the Miracle 10 Night Cream before bed. It seemed like a lot of steps for a girl who was lucky to wash her face before bed, but I followed the instructions religiously.

Mornings had a few different steps. I would cleanse my face again with the Miracle 10 Cleanser – you wouldn’t believe how much dirt I would still find on my face! I would use the Miracle 10 Toner again, and then the Miracle 10 Moisturizing Cream. It was a very light cream that easily went under my makeup.

The Miracle 10 system found it’s name from the pattern of results found with using the system. Results are often found after 10 hours, 10 days, and 10 months.

I couldn’t believe my skin after only one day. I vividly remember looking in the mirror before going out, thinking “Wow I look really awake today”. It was like I had some great color in my face, and I didn’t look as tired as usual. Then I remembered – I was using a new skincare line! I was off to a great start.

Here is my first before photo. It’s not pretty but it’s real!






Once I got into the regimen, every day it seemed easier to follow the steps. I knew what I had to do, and I was excited about all of the results I was seeing.

About a week in I had a slip up. I went on an overnight trip, and I brought my skincare system with me (thank goodness I had the Travel Kit!), but I forgot to bring it in from the car. In my extreme laziness, I just washed my face, put my old cream on and went to bed.

It felt like the cream just sat on top of my face and didn’t absorb. I just didn’t feel right. It was the last time I skipped my skincare plan.

So my new issue? I am slightly addicted to this stuff. My skin was previously very dull (I had no idea until I started using this skincare line what it could look like), and my issues with an oily T-Zone have basically disappeared. I have been wearing less makeup, and have even left the house makeup free which is something I would have never done before.

Here is me, makeup free after 10 days of using Miracle 10.






The thing I have noticed the most is how my face looks at the end of the day. Normally my makeup either seemed to slide off my face by the end of the day. I have found now that I am starting with a really clean palette so my makeup lasts longer, and it looks much better with bright and clear skin underneath it all!






In the end I have found I am slightly addicted to this skincare line, and I love the results I have found at only 10 hours, and 10 days later. I can only imagine how happy I will be at 10 weeks!

I truly recommend giving this line a try – it’s been working great for me!

For more details on Miracle 10, visit their website here.

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    If you love their products (which I also do), you should try the Miracle 10 Facial Peel – it’s fantastic! I wrote about it here (also with some unflattering photos):

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