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I’d been to Las Vegas twice prior to this trip, and this time around I sort of felt like a seasoned pro with a good idea of what I wanted to do in the city.

I am always a tourist, so of course I would at some point be wandering the strip just people watching and picking up souvenirs, but we had four short days that we wanted to make the most of so there was definitely a plan in place.

Staying at the Palazzo was pretty central to what we had planned – we were going to the Wynn one night for dinner and to see Le Reve, and we had a day planned at Tao Beach Club in the adjoining Venetian hotel, and we had a night planned for dinner at Tao and at Tao Nightclub after.

Checking in was quick, but the actual check in time was between 3-5pm so our room wasn’t actually when we arrived. We provided a phone number to be called when our room was ready and we had our luggage stored. Once our room was ready we were called and would have our luggage delivered to our room. Having a check in range of 2 hours was a little difficult because you couldn’t plan to be there at a particular time so you would know your room was ready, unless you waited until 5pm which is pretty late.



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We stayed in a Luxury Suite overlooking the pool, and it was a pretty large room! It had a large L-shaped couch, 3 TV’s, a mini bar, and the bathroom had a sit down vanity for me to get ready. I really loved the room! We had a small issue with the curtains not closing using the remote, but someone came up and had it fixed the same day as our complaint. We asked upon arrival to have our room adjoin the people we were travelling with, and they were able to accommodate that which was great.



palazzo las vegas review sparkleshinylove

palazzo las vegas review sparkleshinylove

palazzo las vegas review sparkleshinylove


palazzo las vegas review sparkleshinylove

palazzo las vegas review sparkleshinylove

It was a great room for entertaining, and the view wasn’t bad either.


palazzo las vegas review sparkleshinylove



In our hotel itself we had all of the amenities we could have needed – there were coffee shops, restaurants, we had access to the Shops at the Venetian, multiple pools, hot tubs, a spa, and of course the casino! There was a Walgreens if you wanted groceries in our hotel, and across the street there was a CVS with anything you may have forgotten for the trip.

We spent a day at the pool, and it was conveniently linked to the pools at the Venetian as well which was great! The Palazzo has it’s own pool bar as well called Azure. If you want to just sit by the regular Palazzo pools, they have a few that you can grab a chair at (first come first serve) and there are stationary bars to grab drinks at, or servers who would come around to take your order as well. We chose to make our home base at Azure and rented a large bed by their pool for the day. When we felt like trying something else we could leave everything at our rented bed (security was around to watch our things, and to make sure no one took our spot) and we could take a short walk to the pools at the Venetian, and their Tao Beach club.

Azure was great with a couple of DJ’s that day, but Tao Beach was my jam. It was like a night club during the day! They had a line up of Slurpee machines with different Pina Colada’s and margaritas, and everyone seemed to be there for a bachelor or bachelorette party! Girls walked around giving out free freezies, and you could order food all day to your rented chair.

Because we were staying at Palazzo, we had free entry into Tao Beach as long as we signed up prior at our hotel’s concierge which was totally worth it because then we could bypass the line.

At the end of the day when we returned to our room, we were shocked at how well everything was organized. I had never seen anyone organize my things as well as our housekeeper. She actually untangled all of the necklaces I brought with me, and layed them all out on a towel for me. She organized all of my makeup and brushes, she laid out all of my accessories on towels – it was shocking! I really hadn’t had anyone do that for me before! I am such a messy person that it probably took her quite a while to do all of it. She even wrapped up my iPhone charger cord. We were beyond impressed. And embarrassed at the same time because she probably thought we were really messy people so we tried to put everything back where she had made a spot for it each time we used something.

palazzo las vegas review sparkleshinylove


palazzo las vegas review sparkleshinylove


Check out at the hotel was very easy – we settled our bill in minutes and were on our way.

We pre-paid for our hotel room before we left, but there was a daily resort fee that is charged to your room each day that you stay that is taken care of on your check out day.

Would I stay here again? Yes absolutely! It was dangerous to have shopping, and GOOD shopping, so close by. I really loved being so close to the Wynn and the Venetian as well as they are two of my favourite hotels. There was a giant shopping centre across the street, and every amenity possible inside the hotel. I can’t wait to get back to Vegas!

For more details on the Palazzo, visit their website here.


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