My Weekend with Rimowa Salsa Air Luggage

Rimowa luggage review sparkleshinylove



Tragically, this year my suitcase finally kicked the bucket. It lasted 9 torturous years with me trying to shove as many shoes as possible into it until it was bursting at the seams.

I’m actually surprised it lasted this long considering all of the times different airlines said it was waaaay overweight, the way it got knocked around by baggage handlers, and the fact it travelled to 16 countries.

I spent the weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake for a wine tour with friends, and I was lucky enough to try out a new piece of luggage – the Rimowa Salsa Air.



Rimowa luggage review sparkleshinylove



I’d say this luggage was a big step up from the flowery (but greatly loved) canvas suitcase I previously owned.



Rimowa luggage review sparkleshinylove



Girls never travel light, so the fact that this suitcase seemed almost weightless was helpful since I was ready to test it’s limits.

The wheels maneuvered in all directions so it was easy to pull behind me. Once I packed it full of the necessities, it still maneuvered just as easily and the weight had no bearing on the wheels. The Salsa Air line is the lightest of the Rimowa luggage family.



Rimowa Salsa Air Navy


The suicase also had a TSA lock integrated into the design so it could be opened without being damaged during security checks.

This suitcase is made of polycarbonate, which is practically indestructible! This is important – have you seen how your luggage gets handled at the airport? It’s not pretty. Hence why my favourite luggage had to be put down – it actually came back to me with a corner missing. You could almost see what was inside! Anyway, not only is this Rimowa suitcase durable, but it’s also very flexible. This means it will yield to pressure, but will pop back into its original form once the pressure is gone. Fancy stuff!

There is a 5-year guarantee on Rimowa’s travel and business luggage as well for any material or manufacturing fault.

There are some pretty fun luggage colours in the Salsa Air line as well! Black luggage is like a black dress – it looks good and often blends in, but if you really want to stand out then color is the way to go! I always choose color, and I think my favourite of the Salsa Air line is purple.



Rimowa Salsa Air Purple



Overall I loved this luggage! There was a netting inside the suitcase that kept everything in it’s place, and it kept things very organized. The suitcase was lightweight, easy to manuver, and seemed to be indestructible.



Rimowa Salsa Air Interior



It definitely helped that it was a sleek suitcase that looked great too.

To learn more about the Rimowa Salsa Air, click here.

To learn more about everything that Rimowa has to offer, click here.

Oh, and by the way our wine tour weekend was a blast! The photos in this post with me in them are from Vineland Estates Winery, which I highly recommend.



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