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Sometimes I’m asked to review really difficult products. Like chocolate. It was a tough subject, but somehow I got through it.

This week I tested out Baroness Chocolate for Chick Advisor! You can check out all of the reviews on Chick Advisor for Baroness Chocolate here!

Baroness Chocolates are hand made in Ottawa, Ontario. Their chocolates are certified kosher, fair trade, gluten free, contain organic ingredients, and contain no GMO’s.

All bars are made from 100% sustainably cultivated cacao beans. They are also fermented longer than any other chocolate bar on the market.






Here is what I thought of each one of their chocolate bars that I tried below!





First up was Aiyaaaa! I loved the name of this chocolate bar!

I thought that since it said on the label “Summon the Kung Fu Master Within”, it would be a great snack to eat before my toddler had a play date with three other monsters/children.

It was a very good idea – it was a solid chocolate bar with butterscotch and almonds, and it was pretty darn yummy. It gave me the kick I needed to handle a play date with toddlers.





Next up I tried the Subversive Squirrel. The name of this chocolate bar is kind of hilarious. I think it would be a cute gift to give someone!

I thought that since it said on the label “Stay Free, Fight the Power”, it would be a great snack to eat while working. Fight the power to me means fight the authority (or in this case, management), in a polite let’s-not-get-fired kind of way.

This one was of my favourite chocolate bars – it had dark chocolate, salted peanuts and peanut brittle. The peanut brittle was so good.

It wasn’t very messy because the “toppings” mostly ended up being inside, so I could work, eat, and not get chocolate on important paperwork.





Mocha Krunhjay was hands down my favourite chocolate bar of the bunch!

I have no idea what the name means, but the bar says “Give Yourself Permission to Say What You Want”. Sounds good to me!

I thought this one would be a good choice for a day of fashion shows at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, since my outfit would do the talking for me (going with the theme of saying what I want!).

I ate this chocolate bar in about 4 seconds. So good. LOVED toffee inside!

It also had dark chocolate, semi sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, almonds and coffee. The coffee added a nice kick!





I don’t know if I agree with the tag line of the Love & Blessing bar – “Chocolate Tastes Better when Shared.” Really? I’ve found that it’s better when I am eating it all by myself, but to each his own.

I begrudgingly shared it with my husband over a bottle of wine, and my husband seemed pretty happy because A) The chocolate was really good, and B) He was in shock and awe that I was sharing.

This was one solid chocolate bar! It was very heavy, simple, and just made with organic milk and dark chocolate.

It was very good with wine! It actually was a good bar to share since it was heavier than most of the other Baroness flavours.







I needed some quiet pampering time, so the Tummy Rub Baroness Chocolate bar seemed like it would be a good idea.

The tag line on the bar is “When you need a hug and a nap”, so I thought eating it during my down time would be the best option. Although, I actually feel like everyone needs a hug and a nap all of the time.

Anyway, this bar had a gluten free cookie inside which was a lovely bonus! If you are looking for gluten free then this is the chocolate bar for you!

The chocolate was milk chocolate, and it was a really simple, great tasting chocolate bar.

I ate it while reading magazines, doing my nails, and while I was just relaxing with the TV off and my phone put away.






What do I do when I am getting ready for a date night? Apparently I eat chocolate.

I tried Baroness Chocolate’s Dob Dobs before heading out to dinner with the hubby, and a few things surprised me about it.

First of all it has a caramel filling, and I was surprised that the caramel was still oozing out of the bar even though I had the bar stored in the refrigerator. Yes, I keep my chocolate in the fridge. It’s strange, but that is what I do. Anyway, the caramel didn’t turn hard at all. Maybe because the chocolate bar was so fresh?

The tag line of this bar is “Chocolate that lingers on your taste buds like a loving embrace and then slaps you in the face.” Sounds like the perfect chocolate for a date night!

I am thinking the “slap in the face” is the caramel? There were pecans as well which I loved, but I really did like the “slap in the face” caramel as well.

I ate all of this chocolate bar in one seating, mostly because I had to hurry up and get ready for dinner. Plus I didn’t actually want to share this chocolate with my dinner date, and I was really hungry so I ate it all.

I would give this chocolate to a friend because it was a really good chocolate bar, and because I loved the tag line!






Just based on the title of the Tantric Tiger chocolate bar, I decided I would eat it before Yoga class. Not many people eat chocolate before Yoga, but I hate being that person doing deep breathing in class that has their stomach making noises because they are so hungry.

With the word tantric involved, I think of Sting, and then I think of Yoga for some reason. That is the way my mind works.

Anyway, back to the chocolate – the tag line says “Breathe deeply and then pounce.” Sounds like Baroness was thinking of Yoga class too!

I love fruit, nuts and chocolate together. Perfect combo, and this chocolate bar did not disappoint.

The chocolate bar had milk and dark chocolate, cranberries, almonds and sea salt.

So good! Perfect combo, and almost healthy to eat before Yoga class because of the cranberries involved? I know, I’m reaching.

I wouldn’t share this chocolate bar with anyone because I liked it too much. I would consider buying it for someone else because it was really yummy!

Overall one of my favourite Baroness chocolates because of the sea salt and cranberries – it was a really great combination.

For more information on Baroness Chocolate, visit

Although these chocolates were given to me for a review, all opinions expressed are my own.



Mandy Furnis





  1. April 1, 2015 / 1:38 pm

    Tummy Rub is my favourite – those cookies are delicious! Did you eat them far too quickly, like I did? (I admit, I got through the whole product range WAY too quickly: Great post!

  2. April 2, 2015 / 2:39 am

    Love the names for the bars! They’re so clever and that alone had me interested in trying some of them. The fact that they’re gluten free certainly helped also!

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