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Sago Mini Boats Review sparkleshinylove



I’ve written in the past about the visit my son and I had to the Sago Sago Design Studio downtown Toronto last year, and what an amazing time we had trying out all of their amazing Apps for children! We continue to be big fan’s of their Apps, and we enjoyed seeing their contribution to the Children’s Discovery Centre in Toronto as well.

A new App just launched on June 4th called Sago Mini Boats, and we were invited to try it out once it became available.

The App includes Harvey the dog, which is a character found in the other Sago Apps that our son is already familiar with. Harvey is actually his favourite character so he was very happy to see him!

The App has more than 10 boats to choose from for Harvey to drive, and there are 5 different destinations to travel to. Harvey can visit his other Sago Mini friends from the other Apps as well, and along the way the idea is to collect treasure, look out for pirates, share ice cream, and explore the creatures found in the ocean.

When my son first loaded the App he was excited to see that the first boat that came up on the screen was a tug boat. Our family has our own tug boat (which my husband’s grandfather made himself!) that we use on the weekends, and the two boats look identical! Our son loved that he could have Harvey ride the same kind of boat that we have.

Sago Mini Boats Review sparkleshinylove


These Sago Apps are so easy to navigate that I rarely need to give my son any instruction or help. Every step is really a natural progression – there are options on where to go, what to pack, and then it’s easy to travel forward while choosing what to do along the way.



Sago Mini Boats Review sparkleshinylove



The App is bright, colourful, and there isn’t a lot of repetition – there are lots of fun surprises as Harvey travels along which keeps things interesting.



sago mini boats review sparkleshinylove


It’s really a great App for toddlers and preschoolers, and luckily Sago mini Apps have no in-app purchases or third-party advertising. It’s so frustrating when my son is using an App and suddenly everything stops for an advertisement, or he needs to pay to move forward. At this age it’s best to have a seamless game which not only entertains him, but doesn’t challenge him to the point of frustration.

This Sago Mini Boats App has launched at the perfect time of year since it’s been sunny, warm, and boat season! Our son has been so excited to spend time on our boat, so it was nice when we had rainy weather this week and he could play boats with the App instead.

The App is available at the ITunes store now for $2.99, and you can find it here!

For more information on Sago Sago and their amazing Apps, please visit their website here.





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