Review of Wet N Wild’s MegaPlump Double Threat Mascara

Wet N Wild MegaPlump Double Threat Mascara



If you read the blog often, you know I am a big fan of trying new mascaras. I hate leaving the house without mascara on, and I love finding new favourite’s I can’t live without!

For the past couple weeks I have been using Wet n Wild’s MegaPlump Double Threat Mascara which is launching this February. Why is it called Double Threat? It’s a dual-ended mascara with a large brush on one end for the top lashes, and a super soft slim brush on the other end to define your lower lashes.

I really liked the small brush for the lower lashes. It was perfect to reach all of those tiny lashes that you just can’t grab with a big brush. Whenever I try to put mascara on those lower lashes, I inevitably get mascara all over my face just as I am finishing up my make up.

The smaller brush was also great for applying mascara to my upper lashes where I needed a touch-up.

This mascara didn’t seem to clump at all! It went on really smooth, and it really lengthened and separated my lashes.

First up, my before photo. Don’t be scared! It was early Sunday morning so I was looking a little tired. Maybe I should review the effects of beauty sleep and why it is essential! In this photo I had done my makeup minus mascara and gloss.






Now for my after photo – as you can see my lashes look long, clump free, and are nicely defined. A little lip gloss goes a long way too!






This mascara was easy to remove with a makeup remover, but did not smudge during the day at all.

Probably one of my favourite parts about this mascara was that it was buildable! After it dried I could still put more coats on and it didn’t clump. After wearing this mascara all day I could refresh this mascara with another coat before going out for the evening without ruining the base coat. Love that!

Plumping-wise it definitely made my lashes look more lush and fuller compared to when I didn’t have it on, but I didn’t think it made my lashes incredibly thick.

I haven’t stopped using this mascara yet so I’m a pretty big fan. This mascara’s suggested retail price is $5.99, and launches this month at mass market retailers in Canada.

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