Review of Wet n Wild’s Wild Shine Nail Color

Review of Wet n Wild's Wild Shine Nail Color



I’m a total nail polish addict, and I’m always trying new brands and formulas. wet n wild’s Wild Shine Nail Color first came out in 1979, so it sounds like they have been doing something right. I don’t think I had ever tried it before, but now they are launching new packaging, a new formula, a high-shine finish in every color, and no Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Phthalates (the bad stuff) included.

The suggested retail price is only $1.99, which means it would be easier to own lots of colours. This is important!



Review of Wet n Wild's Wild Shine Nail Color



The new wet n wild Wild Shine Nail Color line launches in stores February 2015, but I was lucky enough to try out the new formula over the last couple weeks.

First of all I LOVE the colours! There are so many bright ones!

I liked the polish right away because it was nice and thick. I probably only needed one coat, but I did a few because the polish dried quickly and seemed to look better the more I added. It brushed on very evenly as well.

It really was super shiny too. Using a top coat for shine wasn’t required at all.


Review of Wet n Wild's Wild Shine Nail Color


Since I love using a polish with a thick formula, I always notice my nails chipping quickly, or my polish job dries with bubbles in it. I didn’t experience any bubbles, and I went four days before my first chip. That isn’t bad at all for me since I’m constantly chipping my polish. I’ve had Tickled Pink on my toes for two weeks and haven’t had any chips at all.

This polish is going to be one of my new favourites. It’s got a great price, it’s got great shine, and is formula was nice and thick which I love. I favour having bright colors on my nails, and there were lots to choose from. Definitely worth buying. Look for it’s launch in February 2015!



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