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Just over a month ago I joined philosophy for a lunch celebrating the re-launch of Time in a Bottle. I have been using philosophy products on and off for as long as I could remember. Time in a Bottle had me intrigued for a few reasons which I will share, and my skin care routine is now centered around this product!

Let’s start with Time in a Bottle – what is unique about it? First of all, it takes active ingredients to a whole new level!

The package includes a vial of high-potency Vitamin c8 Activator which you add to the serum, shake, and once it turns light pink it’s ready to use. For best results it must be used within 3 months.



Philosophy Time in a Bottle Review sparkleshinylove



I’m not sure why, but I found this really motivating to keep using this product. I tend to use new beauty products all the time, but consistency is my issue. Just knowing that this serum should be used within 3 months had me so much more enticed to use it twice a day. I’m not great at commitment when it comes to beauty products, so for me the timeline has been a great motivator.

I love this serum. It absorbs so quickly, and I can add a morning or night cream right after knowing that the serum quickly absorbs.


Philosophy Time in a Bottle Review sparkleshinylove



The idea behind the serum is that it acts to repair past visible aging signs, it helps renews skin’s defenses in present, and works to resists tomorrow’s aging.

After cleansing my skin I apply this serum in the morning, and at night.

Are you ready for my favorite eye cream EVER? I had read some amazing reviews on this eye cream, and it did not disappoint. After the serum I apply Full of Promise for Eyes.



philosophy full of promise review sparkleshinylove



It has two dispensers for two different areas of the eye. The upper-lid lifting gel works to improve the appearance of droopy upper eyelids, while the under-eye firming cream works to re-plump and firm the under eye area and smooths the appearance of skin.

I can’t believe the difference in my eyes! I have to admit, I’ve never applied anything to my lids in terms of skincare. My eyes just seem to look so much tired, and more rested. I have noticed a major difference! My dark circles seem to be a little lighter too which is an added bonus.

Next I’ve been apply philosophy’s renewed hope in a jar dry all over my face and neck. It has a light scent, and its perfect after applying the eye cream and serum because it’s lightweight.

Applying my makeup after this cream is easy because it absorbs quickly, and is so hydrating. I’ve used some heavier creams in the past that have made applying makeup after a nightmare, so this one has had an opposite effect on my daily routine.


philosophy renewed hope in a jar dry review sparkleshinylove



My nighttime routine is very similar to this sequence except I sub out the renewed hope in a jar dry for ultimate miracle worker night.

This cream is super cool – again it’s activated with its first time use for to maximize its effects. A separate package is included which you mix into the cream, and the cream is so soothing to apply. It’s thicker than the Renewed Hope in a Jar Dry, but I don’t have the residue on my face when I wake up the next day.

I honestly can’t even stress the difference in my skin with this new philosophy routine. I have found that my skin looks so much fresher, to the point that I’ve worn makeup a whole lot less. A couple times I even looked in the mirror and thought I looked like I had a bit of a tan, but really I’ve just had so much more colour in my face since using these products. I have seen a huge difference in the brightness and colour in my complexion, and the eye cream has absolutely brightened up my under eye area. Overall I just feel much more moisturized, and it seems like my skin is loving these products.



philosophy review sparkleshinylove



My routine is centered around Time in a Bottle, and I really feel like this product has made a huge difference for me. I love how the serum absorbs into my skin – I really feel like I have been seeing the effects in a great way!

For more on philosophy products, visit their website here.













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Xoxo Mandy


  1. March 13, 2017 / 6:21 pm

    These products sound amazing! Gotta try the serum and eye cream for sure.

    • Roxymandy
      March 15, 2017 / 2:39 am

      All of them have been amazing – but the serum and eye cream have been awesome!

  2. March 13, 2017 / 7:59 pm

    Really intrigued by the eye cream! Definitely one of my problem areas. Thanks for sharing!!


    • Roxymandy
      March 15, 2017 / 2:39 am

      I can’t say enough about the eye cream – you need to check it out!

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