Sweetpea Organic Cookie Review

Sweetpea Organic Cookie Review sparkleshinylove


Sometimes it’s fun to pick up the mail at my house, especially when it ends up being a treat for my son. He usually tries opening up all of my packages anyway, but this time it was something for both of us.

Sweetpea Organic Cookies are a much healthier option to regular cookies – they are organic, vegan, made with 100% whole grain, and have no preservatives. They are also produced in a nut-free bakery. They have no dairy, eggs, salt, and are certified kosher.


Sweetpea Organic Cookie Review sparkleshinylove


I am always travelling with snacks. I rarely leave the house without one when I have my son or we will likely have a meltdown on our hands.

I love that these Sweetpea Organic Cookies have a re-sealable bag – it’s so much easier to grab and go that way! Normally things that are this easy to pack are usually processed or are really not a healthy option, but luckily these organic cookies are a pretty healthy treat.


Sweetpea Organic Cookie Review sparkleshinylove



There are three flavours – Pumpkin Spice, Banana Pear and Sweet Apple. My son tried them all, amd liked them all! It was nice to have a snack for him that I liked as well. I really liked the Pumpkin Spice cookies!

The packaging is cute as well, and claims the cookies are for kids 1 – 101. The re-sealable packaged realy seemed to keep the cookies fresh after the bag was opened for a few days which was great.




To try out these cookies yourself, you can purchase them online from Beretta Farms at www.berettafarms.com or you can check out their website for in-store retailers such as Whole Foods and Pusateri’s.



Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for review, but my opinions are fabulously my own.



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