The blossom lounge x bkr Beauty Water Challenge Update!


I announced recently that I was part of the blossom x bkr Beauty Water Challenge, and I’m excited to share my results thus far!

As I mentioned before, I am NOT a water drinker. This challenge has been hard for me, because water isn’t something I reach for if I’m thirsty. It’s usually a Starbucks!

This challenge came at a great time because I actually suffered a concussion last week, and I found that I had no appetite, but water was my saviour. I’ll get back to that in a minute!

To recap, the challenge has me drinking from my cute bkr water bottle 5 times per day. I simply have 5 elastic on my bottle which I remove as I finish a bottle. This process is easy and key for me because I would NEVER remember how many bottles I’ve had unless it was counted this way!

When I took my before photo for the challenge, I wanted to note to myself how I was looking and feeling. Beside my seasonal depression with this brutal winter, I generally felt pretty healthy, but I definitely had dry winter skin and my complexion had a pretty “blah” feeling.

Drinking all of this water was hard to get used to! Tons of bathroom breaks constantly reminded me that I was hydrating like I never had before. A few days in, I suffered a concussion from a sports-related injury which I am still recovering from, and I was feeling very dizzy, had terrible head aches and had a loss of appetite. I was so happy because drinking water actually relieved my head aches a bit. It was basically the only thing I could keep down for a bit, so I pretty much doubled my water intake the challenge dictated for a few days.

Towards the end of this week I’ve found my skin seems a but less needy for moisturizer which seems like an improvement to me! The challenge continues, and I will update the blog with my progress again soon!




Fresh face (minus my mascara - I can never get that off!), one week after the challenge started

Fresh face (minus my mascara – I can never get that off!), one week after the challenge started

The blossom x bkr Beauty Water Challenge!



Do you drink enough water every day?  My personal answer is a resounding no!  I have tried and tried but I usually lose track of how much I have already drank and have just assumed it’s enough for the day, or I pretend that my Starbucks order has enough water in it to hydrate me.

This is bad.

I need to make a change, and now I’ve been challenged to do so!  And I’m not talking about a New Year’s resolution kind of challenge, because those are always broken.  Toronto’s own blossom lounge and bkr have teamed up to challenge 10 beauty and fashion bloggers to take on a 30 day challenge of drinking 2.5 litres of water per day.  The result?  Well I guess you will have to wait and find out!  Water is the key to incredible skin, so part of my challenge is to terrify you with an au natural before photo, and throughout my challenge I will update you with how my skin is progressing with the new hydration I’m providing it.


What are the possible side effects?  Multiple bathroom breaks.  Multiple.  But other then that, why not challenge yourself with something that can only do you some good?


Plus, how cute are these bottles?  I know that when I need to be motivated, something cute will always help things along.  This water bottle is more of an outfit accessory than the tupperware-like creature I was using/not using previously.  Plus the glass bottle is covered in soft silicone as well, so when I’m running around and accidentally drop it, it my not be the huge disaster that it could be!  Celebs like Emily Rossum, Alessandra Ambrosio, January Jones, Gisele Bundchen, Malin Akerman, Jessica Alba and Amanda Seyfried have all been spotted with a blk waterbottle too, so why not you?


So my journey begins!  In the meantime, have you checked out blossom lounge before?  Shop online at, or in person in Unionville at 157 Main Street, unit 102, or in the Distillery District at  24 Tank House Lane, Suite 101.

Are you ready for this?  Here is my before photo!  Stay tuned for my challenge updates!