The blossom lounge x bkr Beauty Water Challenge Update!


I announced recently that I was part of the blossom x bkr Beauty Water Challenge, and I’m excited to share my results thus far!

As I mentioned before, I am NOT a water drinker. This challenge has been hard for me, because water isn’t something I reach for if I’m thirsty. It’s usually a Starbucks!

This challenge came at a great time because I actually suffered a concussion last week, and I found that I had no appetite, but water was my saviour. I’ll get back to that in a minute!

To recap, the challenge has me drinking from my cute bkr water bottle 5 times per day. I simply have 5 elastic on my bottle which I remove as I finish a bottle. This process is easy and key for me because I would NEVER remember how many bottles I’ve had unless it was counted this way!

When I took my before photo for the challenge, I wanted to note to myself how I was looking and feeling. Beside my seasonal depression with this brutal winter, I generally felt pretty healthy, but I definitely had dry winter skin and my complexion had a pretty “blah” feeling.

Drinking all of this water was hard to get used to! Tons of bathroom breaks constantly reminded me that I was hydrating like I never had before. A few days in, I suffered a concussion from a sports-related injury which I am still recovering from, and I was feeling very dizzy, had terrible head aches and had a loss of appetite. I was so happy because drinking water actually relieved my head aches a bit. It was basically the only thing I could keep down for a bit, so I pretty much doubled my water intake the challenge dictated for a few days.

Towards the end of this week I’ve found my skin seems a but less needy for moisturizer which seems like an improvement to me! The challenge continues, and I will update the blog with my progress again soon!




Fresh face (minus my mascara - I can never get that off!), one week after the challenge started

Fresh face (minus my mascara – I can never get that off!), one week after the challenge started

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