Review of Finesse Dry Shampoo with Keratin Protein




I love a good dry shampoo. Mostly because washing my hair can seem like a huge pain. I have to wait until my son is in bed because when I need to wash it I also need to blow dry it, and then straighten it. It takes forever! Ok not forever, but long enough that I don’t have time to so it every day. Using a dry shampoo in between washes saves me some valuable time, and prevents some damage to my hair. I have reviewed a few other dry shampoos in the past here.

Last week I started using Finesse Dry Shampoo with Keratin Protein. This is by far the most affordable dry shampoo I have ever purchased! At under $5.00 CDN (depending on the retailer – Walmart has it right now for $3.97!), it can’t be beat for price.

I’ve never purchased a dry shampoo before that claims to do anything more than refresh your hair. This Finesse Dry Shampoo has Keratin Protein. Keratin provides added conditioning and shine. It also strengthen’s hair, which helps prevent split ends.






With the holidays being last week, I needed to use a lot of this stuff! I needed some great hair days for all of the events we had, but at the same time I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on my hair.

I found it was really important to shake this dry shampoo. It said to do so right in the instructions, but I tend to ignore those sorts of things most of the time. It still worked without shaking it, but I found that the product was less tacky in my hair after I shook it.

The smell was pretty refreshing! It was a strong smell (and a good one!), but it faded once the shampoo had dried in my hair.

The spray was clear which is great for a sometimes-brunette like myself, and it did a great job of absorbing oil and giving me some volume! I used it one day just before curling my hair and it gave me an extra boost.




I liked this dry shampoo a lot, and it’s got a price that cannot be beat! You can purchase it at most drug stores, but if you need some ASAP then click here to order online.