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I think one of the most common pieces of advice I received when I had my son was that I would need to drink lots of coffee. Great advice, but I don’t drink coffee! If you see a mug in my hand, it either has hot chocolate or tea in it – I’m just not a coffee girl.

The advice held true – I did need a warm cup of something for all of those late nights and early mornings, but for me it was tea.


Celestial seasonings review



Now that my son is a little older I tend to drink my tea for those early morning hockey games or for those late nights working on the blog, but now even more so to relax. I love to read, and my husband and son know that when I have a book out it means that I need a bit of quiet time away from a house full of boys (even the dog is a male!).

Even just the process of making tea can be a little relaxing. It’s not like opening a can of pop or pouring a cup of juice – there is some effort involved and some decisions to be made! Milk? Sugar? Strong? Weak? It takes a bit of concentration, and it also distracts you from the craziness of your daily chaotic life.

I tend to gravitate towards teas with a strong flavor. My favourites are always the fruity ones, so I loved trying out Celestial Seasonings Fruit Sampler. Each package came with individually wrapped tea bags in a different flavor to suit my mood. I really loved the blueberry tea!


Celestial seasonings review



Celestial seasonings review


Celestial Seasonings Apple Cinnamon is the perfect fall flavor for cozying up near a fireplace. It’s been chilly so I’ve been curling up with a good book and a cozy throw. Add in a tea and I feel like I’m at the spa all of a sudden! The calls from a hungry toddler and a husband who can’t seem to find anything on his own seem to be so distant when I’m in my comfort zone.

When I started to try these teas I learned that Celestial Seasonings purchases their ingredients directly from farmers. Being made from quality ingredients makes a difference, and I’ve really loved that each tea seems put me in a different mood!



Celestial seasonings review



Celestial seasonings review



The Fruit Sampler and the Apple Cinnamon have seemed very calming and put me into a more Zen state of mind. When I really need a moment to myself to calm down and relax, these are the teas I use for those moments.



When it’s more about recharging or needing a morning boots, Bengal Spice seems to have my back! It has a very distinct flavor that gives me the boost I need in the morning. I am NOT a morning person, and truly drag myself from bed every morning. I need someone (or something) to get me going every day, and this tea worked wonders for me. Early morning skating for my son? I would take this tea to-go and wake up somewhere between my alarm and the rink!



Celestial seasonings review



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What Celestial Seasonings tea would you choose to have your moment? Are you in need of some relaxation with the Fruit Sampler or Apple Cinnamon, or are you looking for more of a Bengal Spice “let’s wake up!” moment? Let me know in the comments below!




Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and Celestial Seasonings and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.





















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  1. Alayne Langford
    November 1, 2017 / 1:49 am

    I love these teas, the Chamomile is one of my favourites!! 🙂

  2. November 26, 2017 / 3:49 am

    I love celestial Seasonings tea. I think the Cinnamon Apple Spice would be my favorite! Thanks for a chance. 🙂

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